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Een gewone voorbijganger zal het niet merken, maar er is iets vreemds aan de hand met het rode gebouwtje bovenop de kliffen in het kleine kustdorpje... Wat op het eerste gezicht een normale vuurtoren lijkt, vormt namelijk de ingang tot de tijdslus van Miss Bluebonnet. Niet iedereen kan de zich steeds herhalende dag in juli van 2011 binnentreden. Enkel zij die drager zijn van een recessief gen dat zich in hun DNA heeft gemanifesteerd en wat door hun aderen stroomt, zullen toegang krijgen tot de lus. Zij beschikken over een gave. Hun 'bijzonderheid' maakt het dagelijks leven voor hun niet gemakkelijk, en er ligt constant gevaar op de loer... Lees verder!

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15 oktober 2016

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 Dominic Hall [WIP]

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Dominic Hall


PROFIELAantal berichten : 59
IC-berichten : 4
Registratiedatum : 13-12-16
Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Rephaite
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 20-21

BerichtOnderwerp: Dominic Hall [WIP]   vr dec 16, 2016 4:27 pm

we'll never be royals it don't run in our blood

Dominic Hall

Age: 93
Visual Age: 20-21
Gift: Rephaite, this essentially means that this person has slightly altered blood than the normal human. They all carry the gene #LINC00377. Their origin is unknown but a common theory is that it's a mix of radiation and simple gene mutation. The LINC00377 gene is always expressed when possessed, is Y chromosome specific and is 1:1 inherited. Meaning that there is 100% chance of a Rephaite child if there's a Rephaite parent; which as explained below is always the case.

Having a different specific blood type means being infertile with most other species. A rephaite simply cannot breed with normal humans as the two blood types can't mix. They call a Rephaite's blood type; RephB(1,2,3,4), short for Rephaite Blood and the number corresponding to the different sets, commonly referred to as ectoplasm. As you see there are only 4 sets which is also why Rephaite children seem to resemble each other on a twin-level.  Even though their bloodtypes are very much different, a Rephaite won't get sick of human saliva/blood and vice versa. Having sex will however bring forth some... interesting effects. It's best explained by thinking of human blood as oil and a Rephaite's as fire bringing forth an explosion. Another interesting fact is that Ectoplasm isn't your normal red colour but seems yellow/greenish with an however slight radiation.

As for powers, a Rephaite is capable of seeing others' Aura and can also feed off of them, specifically feeding of other gifted. Feeding off of the ungifted doesn't satiate their hunger. Feeding off aura's makes a Rephaite stronger and a gifted weaker as they are literally sucking at your gift, bleeding you dry if it were. A rephaite will get physically stronger, as if they have enhanced their body strength.

Parents: His mother and father; Nashira and Arcturus.
Brothers/sisters: He has five brothers and one sister, all with more or less the same gift as himself.
P.O.B: A small town near the beach in Ireland.

Face claim: Jinyoung Jung
Description: Dominic has a golden olive skin tone which is seen in all Rephaite beings. His skin is slightly sparkly as if he is sprinkled with diamond dust. His eyes are a honey-brown which complement his skin, they turn black in dim light and are a more vibrant yellow when he has fed on an aura. This is also the only way of knowing that he has fed on you, besides you feeling weaker of course. Dominic has red-golden hair, like sunlight when the sun is setting. This hair colour is also quite common in individuals who share the Rephaite gene and is seen as having golden hair.

Dominic is quite tall; 1.87cm en weighs a little over 73kg which makes him on the smaller and slimmer side of his sort. Dominic's brothers are all heavier and taller, even his sole sister is taller than himself.

Character: Dominic is in the middle of figuring out who he is and who he wants to be. It's like he has just hit puberty, even if he's already 93 years old, and doesn't know what to do with himself. Hormones are controlling his body most of the time giving way to some mood changes. In the morning he may be very angry over something small, and in the evening he could be very calm and reserved or sad.

In the end, Dominic is a nice guy who is still trying to get the hang of life. He's a guy who is still searching for his dream in life. He is however very curious towards humans as they remain a novel thing for Dominic. He has spent all his life with fellow Rephaite creatures and thus is curious as to the differences, if there even are any.

© hyacintho of GS


Deeply poisoned by the jail called you.

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Quote: Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Dominic Hall [WIP]   vr dec 16, 2016 5:29 pm


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Dominic Hall [WIP]
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