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15 oktober 2016

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 Frerin Cheshire

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Frerin Cheshire


PROFIELAantal berichten : 49
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Woonplaats : Under a bridge
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Bijzonderheid: Bad luck
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BerichtOnderwerp: Frerin Cheshire   vr dec 16, 2016 4:27 pm

frerin cheshire

six hundred forty // bad luck // eightteen

name. frerin cheshire
birth name. choi jaejin
dob. 1376/15/09
pob. dongju, georyo
nickname. frey, frerry
appearance. eightteen
age. six hundred forty
gender. male
sexuality. homosexual
gift. bad luck

[ambitious] Always striving towards that one goal, Frerin is quite the ambitious person, especially when it comes to music. When reaching one goal, he always sets himself another. He doesn't mind working his butt off and will do his utmost best at nearly everything.

[humorous] At times, Frerin may seem like quite a serious person, especially when it comes to music. He honestly isn't though. Frerin loves joking around and cracking jokes. He is sarcastic and enjoys laughing and making others laugh as well.

[social] Frerin isn't shy at all and enjoys a good conversation with the right person. He is curious about people and is good at listening to others. He enjoys making new friends.

[competitive] Being born into a family with four other brothers and a sister, Frerin grew up very competitive. He likes winning at anything and hates to lose. His gift doens't really help with this though.

[clumsy] Frerin's clumsiness is something very easy to notice. A day does not go by without him running into a wall, door, table or chair, without him tripping at least thrice over seemingly nothing, without him spilling his drink and food or dropping his phone. Frerin usually just presumes his gift is the guilty one of all this.

Choi Jaejin was the fifth son and sixth child to be born to great General Choi Young and his wife Yoo Eunsoo. Though he was a quiet and easy babe, misfortune seemed to follow the young child wherever he set foot. Clumsy at best, Jaejin grew up a friendly, though somewhat mischievious boy. Because of his fathers status as general and later premier of Goryeo, Jaejin had the opportunity to go to Sungkyunkwan, the greatest school in the whole of Goryeo. He did not particularly enjoy his time here however, as he was often teased by the other students for his clumsiness. He was a smart child and a good student, nevertheless and his school results were admirable.

When Jaejin was twelve years old of age, and turmoil for some time had plagued the country, a coup d'etat was planned by those who desired to change the country that was Goryeo. Jaejin's father defended the palace and king, but was overthrown. He and his family were banished to the countryside, though great general Choi Young was quickly hereafter arrested and beheaded. His father's last words still ring in Jaejin's ears to this day.

"No grass will grow on top of my grave as I am innocent and have nothing to hide from the heaven."

Interestingly, grass never did grow on his grave until 1976 and it became known as Jeokbun, meaning Red Grave. It did not take long for the country to be overthrown completely and a new king rose to power. During these turbulent times, in 1392, when Jaejin was but sixteen, he was killed for the first time of the many times that would follow. His untimely demise, in retrospect, was if anything, quite clumsy, silly and downright unlucky. Truly, it was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Apparantly, accidentally listening in on the plans of the ones who killed your father, is not something they took kind in. Subsequently, he was murdered on the spot. Only to wake on a bed, some 2122 miles West of where he originally was, a knifelike sharp pain in his abdomen.

As said, this was the first of many times Jaejin would die. The one less, the other more remarkable than the other. The silliest death by far was when Jaejin was playing the Gayageum in 1527 and one of the strings broke a cut his throat. He woke up in Cheshire, England which he would later use as surname. Another death quit worth mentioning was in 1912. Jaejin decided it would be a solid idea to travel to America and what other method than using the newest steamliner, the RMS Titanic which would have her maiden voyage soon.

Of course, the RMS Titanic sank to her grave in the early hours of April 15th. Though Jaejin had managed to climb on collapsible boat A after it had already drifted off, he died of hypothermia soon after. He woke up in London, cold and sick and with a newfound hate of open ocean and ships.

The year was 1937. A fantasy novel titled 'The Hobbit' was printed and Jaejin fell in love. So in love, he later changed his name to Frerin. It was only a few years later, when the second world war began. Frerin was drafted in the army and managed to stay alive for most of the war. As his luck would have it though, Frerin eventually died when the Americans invaded Normandy due to a faulty gun.

In 2016, while in Australia, he fell off a cliff and of course died. He woke up in Inndyr, Norway, where he eventually joined Louise Bluebonnet's loop.

father Choi Young
dob 1316. general and premier of goryeo.
mother Yoo Eunsoo
dob 1336. wife and mother.
brother Choi Seokjin
dob 1354. diplomat and scholar.
brother Choi Bangjin
dob 1358. general second in command.
sister Choi Minah
dob 1362. mother and wife.
brother Choi Woojin
dob 1365. civil minister.
brother Choi Heejin
dob 1370. general secretary.

+ Though it was considered to be somewhat of a feminine passing of time, Frerin (Jaejin back then) learned how to play the Gayageum, a traditional Korean instrument. Today, he still enjoys playing it, all the while having learned how to play new instruments like the guitar, piano and bass guitar.

+ If Frerin dies due to his bad luck he does not actually die. He resurrects somewhere random. He does feel the (maybe even lingering) pain that got him killed.

+ The only thing Frerin remotely sees as positive about his gift, is the fact that he appears to be seemingly immortal. That is, if an eternal life, filled with misfortune could ever even be considered positive.

+ After his first death in 1392, Frerin has joined many loops over time.

+ Frerin's deathcount currently stands at 1326 times and counting.

+ Sometimes feels like it was his fault what happened on the RMS Titanic, which at times makes Frerin appear solemn and down.

+ Despite being the youngest, Frerin was the tallest among his brothers, standing at an impressive 1.83m. Because of this, back around 1400, he was sometimes considered somewhat of a giant.


cheshire. jae park. by ryann.


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メーデー! 僕を暴いてよ
MAYDAY! expose me for what I really am
for this world is about to meet its end

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Frerin Cheshire
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