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15 oktober 2016

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 Isak Håkon Sørensen

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Isak Sørensen


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BerichtOnderwerp: Isak Håkon Sørensen   za jan 07, 2017 9:29 pm

Isak Håkon Sørensen
17 / 134
5 May 1882
Frederikshald / Halden, Norway
Tarjei Sandvik Moe
r e l a t i o n s h i p s
[father] Alexander Sørensen. Born 1853. Alexander, an engineer, was an ambitious man who saw only opportunity and no limitations. He was determined to bring progress to his city and moved to Monmouth in the United Kingdom to survey the iron production and distribution there. He was away from home frequently, as he travelled across the entire country to study the Industrial Revolution, which was still budding in Norway where it was already flourishing in the UK, and had limited contact with his wife and son.

[mother] Ulrikke Sørensen (née Valdersen). Born 1858. In contrast to her husband, Ulrikke was at home all the time to look after her son, who was the light of her life. She married Alexander when he wasn’t as absorbed with his work as he would become in later life, and enjoyed married life for the first few years. After the birth of Isak, she lavished most of her attention on him in an attempt to forget about her husband, who had marched them away from home to settle in a country where she didn’t speak the language. As Isak became older, she relied on him more and more for daily business.

[best friend/crush] Jimin Park. Born 1883. Jimin is, without a doubt, the most important person in Isak’s life. Ever since saving Jimin’s life, the two of them have become inseparable, even when it was revealed that Jimin, until then only known to Isak as “Min,” was human instead of a wolf. Isak would go to hell and back for Jimin. Somewhere along the way, their close friendship developed into something not-quite-friendship but also not-quite-something-else. Isak privately admits to himself there’s no one he’d rather spend his life with than Jimin.

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p e c u l i a r i t y
Isak’s gift is precognition – he can see into the future. This is not a gift he can control; his visions happen randomly. Isak hasn’t been able to pinpoint a certain pattern to them yet, other than that they consistently occur whenever he’s in danger, though they can also occur when he’s not in danger. He can only see a few seconds into the future, usually no more than seven, which means that he has limited time to react to whatever he sees. When he was younger, his gift used to give him headaches, but he doesn’t experience them anymore now that he’s older.

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l o o k s
At 1.83, Isak is taller than most Norwegians his age – especially during the nineteenth century. He’s far too thin at that; Isak doesn’t quite know why that is, because he does eat plenty (too much on occasion, even) but he simply doesn’t seem to fatten up easily. He has dark blonde hair that always curls no matter what he does with it, giving him a playful appearance. He has brown eyes. He’s not particularly fussy about his appearance; he wears whatever he wants, no matter how ridiculous he looks, so long as he’s comfortable.

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p e r s o n a l i t y
Bubbly. Isak is nearly always cheerful. He has a positive outlook on life and sees the good in everyone and everything. He can make light of even a grave situation.

Devoted. Once Isak has attached himself to someone, he’s fully devoted to them and will do anything to keep them safe and make them happy. He’ll forget about, in his eyes, silly things like law and convention, instead pushing his very limits to look after the other person. He can get very defensive on their behalf when it appears like someone is trying to hurt them, either physically or emotionally.

Willing to help. Isak doesn’t like seeing people or animals hurt, no matter how close he is to them, and so he is one of the first people to offer his help regardless of the situation.

Tactile. Touch is a very important thing to Isak, who was hugged frequently by his mother as a child. He shows his affection through a casual hand on someone’s shoulder, or an arm around their neck, or simply by enveloping them in a hug. He doesn’t always notice if someone is uncomfortable with these touches.

Secretive. Despite his ultimately altruistic personality, he isn’t very open about himself. Only a handful of people know his deepest thoughts, and he likes to keep it that way. He’s very protective of his gift, keeping it a secret from the world with the exception of very few, and of the people he loves.

Distrusting. He likes to help people and strives to make them happy, but he doesn’t trust them, mostly because he knows many would try to use his gift for their own (ultimately selfish) ends if they knew about him. Though he’ll great everyone with the same enthusiasm, he watches them closely for a long time to determine if they’re trustworthy. Most often, he doesn’t even make the effort to get to know them well enough.

Possessive. Once Isak has gotten close to something or someone, he is very possessive of them. It’s not by accident that his nickname for Jimin is “Min” – mine. He doesn’t prevent people from doing the things they like to do or become angry if they don’t spend enough time with him, but he does get jealous and sulky whenever he feels he’s been ignored in favour of someone else.

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h i s t o r y
Isak Håkon Sørensen was born in 1882 in Frederikshald (now Halden) in Norway. He was his parents’ only child, mostly due to his father’s obsession with his work. He was doted on by his mother, with whom he was close. His father, who was an engineer by trade, moved them to Monmouth in the UK when Isak was three, so he might study the Industrial Revolution in Britain and, eventually, bring progress to Norway. Isak grew up speaking English as well as Norwegian, as his mother didn’t go out much and never quite mastered English. Because his father was away from home frequently, Isak developed a close relationship with his mother.

As the years went by, Isak grew up into a cheerful child and from there into a happy teenager. He wasn’t the most studious pupil at school and he got into trouble frequently for pulling pranks, which he never told his mother about. He loved being outside and spent many days exploring the woods just outside of Monmouth with his friends. It was here that his gift manifested itself when he was twelve. While he was in the forest with his friends, he saw a sudden flash in front of his eyes, as if he was frozen but the world around him continued on. He heard a faint bang in the distance, and saw one of his friends drop to the ground, clutching his shoulder, blood streaming from in between his fingers. It lasted but a few moments, and when it ended, Isak was left with a blinding headache. A few seconds later, he heard the bang again, more clearly this time, and saw his friend drop to the ground with a bloodied shoulder. While the rest of their friends immediately rushed to his aid, Isak was rooted to the spot, staring at his friend in shock.

The visions kept happening at random intervals. Isak figured out pretty quickly that they were visions of the future, warning Isak of danger or simply showing him what would still come to pass. He tried to summon them at will, but found that he couldn’t; with the headaches they left him with, he wasn’t sure he really wanted to make the effort. He wasn’t sure why he had this particular power, but he was clever enough to know he shouldn’t speak of it to anyone – he knew what they did to people who claimed to see the future or have any other gift. He loved his life too much to spend the rest of it in an asylum.

So Isak was tight-lipped about his visions, claiming migraine whenever they happened around other people. Apart from them, life continued on as it had been anyway, until Isak was sixteen. He was once again exploring the forest, on his own this time, when he heard a soft, pitiful whining somewhere close to him. Isak, who had always loved animals from a young age, went looking for the source of the sound and found it in a white wolf collapsed in the shrubbery. It was the smallest wolf Isak had ever seen, unnaturally so, though he didn’t linger on the thought – more worrying were the specks of blood caked into its fur. When Isak moved closer, careful to keep his hands where the wolf could see them, it whimpered and shied away. It was obviously exhausted and terrified, as well as injured.

For a few moments, Isak didn’t know what to do. He doubted the wolf would let him touch it, especially when it was so wounded, but he couldn’t very well leave it either. After some more hesitation, he took a flash of water from his pack along with some bread (he wasn’t sure wolves normally ate bread, but it would have to do) he’d brought for lunch that day, and cupped some of the water into his palms and held them out to the wolf. As he had expected, the animal shied away from his touch, whining softly as the movement likely jarred its injuries. Slowly, the water trickled from Isak’s hands to the ground. Isak offered the wolf a small, hopefully reassuring smile even though he knew it probably wouldn’t understand, and put the lid back on the flask. He put the bread on the ground, close enough for the wolf to reach it if it wanted to, and pulled his knees up to his chest to make himself as small as he possibly could without actually lying down; wounded animals were fiercest, and Isak didn’t like to think about what the wolf could do to him if he made a mistake, small and weak as it looked.

Sometime later, the wolf’s eyes drifted shut and it stopped trying to crawl away from Isak. For a terrifying second, Isak thought the wolf was dead, but then he saw its chest rise and fall with unsteady breaths. It had slipped into unconsciousness, then. Isak hesitated over whether or not to check for injuries now that the wolf wasn’t trying to get away from him anymore, but decided against it, afraid his touch would startle the wolf awake and cause him to bite or, worse, to run off despite its condition. So even though Isak leaned a little closer to see if he could spot any injuries that way, he didn’t touch the wolf – not until it woke a few hours later. Darkness had started to set in by then, though it was still light enough to see by. In the twilight, Isak could see the wolf’s eyes open. It looked confused to see Isak was still sitting there. Once again, Isak gave it a smile and carefully nudged the bread closer to it. It kept staring at Isak for several moments more, as if sitll trying to determine what Isak’s intentions were, before it carefully sniffed at the bread. Deeming it save, it started eating. Isak breathed a soft sigh of relief.

Despite the small steps of progress, the wolf made it clear it still didn’t want Isak to touch him. Isak deliberated staying the night, but he knew his mother would get worried, so, with great reluctance, he left the wolf behind. He draped his coat carefully over the wounded animal, so that it would stay warm through the night, and made his way home. He barely slept that night, mind still on the wolf, and he was out of the house at first light, frantically making his way back to where he had left the wolf. It was still there, dozing under Isak’s coat; rests seemed to have done it some good, although Isak was still worried about its injuries.

He crouched down and carefully extended a hand for the wolf to sniff. It didn’t move for a few long moments and Isak had the sinking feeling the wolf still didn’t trust him, but then it slowly leaned closer, nosing at Isak’s hand. Isak smiled broadly, thinking he’d finally won over the wolf’s trust, but then it abruptly pulled back. While Isak was disappointed, he didn’t let it get to him; he merely settled on the forest floor, legs stretched out in front of him, and waited. Once again, he spent the entire day there, only returning home when it was long dark. Once again, he left his coat with the wolf.

When he returned to the wolf the next morning, it was standing up on four feet, peering at him curiously. Isak sat down next to it, fully expecting to spend another day in the forest. The wolf however, surprised him. Once Isak had sat down, it sat down next to him, and gave his arm a nudge with its head. Isak smiled, relieved and oddly giddy, and cautiously touched his hand to the wolf’s head. When Isak got up to go home that evening, the wolf followed.

Isak took the wolf home and checked his injuries. He convinced his mother he would make a good watch dog, since his father was away from home so often. He named the wolf Min, Norwegian for mine, because he’d never been very creative when naming things. He and Min became inseparable; wherever Isak went, Min followed; he slept at the foot of Isak’s bed; Isak fed him scraps from dinner despite his mother’s protests. For some reason, Isak always had the feeling Min understood everything Isak told him, even as he knew that was ridiculous – Min was only a wolf, after all.

Even though he had kept quiet about his gift, he managed to slip up a year later. He was in the forest with his friends and Min, and he heard a faint gunshot, saw one of his friends drop to the ground, dead this time instead of merely injured. As soon as the vision ended, he shoved his friend out of the way, down to the ground, so that the bullet passed overhead and lodged itself into a tree. His friends demanded to know how Isak had managed to react that quickly; overwhelmed by their questions, Isak cracked and confessed his gift to them. He trusted them not to tell anyone – wrongly so, he would discover later.

From that point on, Isak noticed he was being followed. They were different people every day, but he was under constant watch. He wasn’t stupid, even at seventeen; he knew why they were following him. He went home the long way round in an attempt to shake him and spent the evening deliberating what he should do. Eventually, he decided to leave – if he stuck around, they might harm his mother to get to him. In the dead of night, Isak left home with a backpack full of his personal belongings and Min at his side, having left only a note for his mother to explain where he had gone. Isak travelled around Wales until he, quite accidentally, landed in Miss Partridge’s loop. After learning he would be safe there, he decided to stay.

Life continued on uneventfully in the loop until what would have been the year of 1911. Isak had gone through his day like any other, and had gone to sleep like any other night. When he woke up, however, there was a boy at the foot of his bed instead of the wolf Isak had expected to see. The boy was kneeling, peering up at Isak cautiously, with an obviously guilty expression on his face. Isak stared at him in shock until he could finally find his voice to ask him who he was and what he was doing in Isak’s room. When he asked, the entire story came tumbling from the boy’s lips: his name was Jimin Park, he was the wolf Isak had spent so many years with. He was like Isak in the sense that he had a power – in his case, shifting into wolf form.

When Isak prodded further, asking how Jimin had gotten hurt that day in the forest and why he hadn’t shifted out of his wolf form sooner, Jimin went a bright red before he spoke, voice a barely audible mumble, about the other side to his power. He had adopted many characteristics of the wolf even before he knew he could shift into one. He had heats like they had, could get pregnant. Had been pregnant before he lost the twins when his family reacted badly when they found out what had happened to Jimin. Jimin had changed into his wolf form for the first time then, and had fled into the forest, grieving and hurt, to escape his family. He had only discovered how to shift out of his wolf form recently, but hadn’t dared to do so until now.

It was, admittedly, a lot to wrap his mind around. Isak wasn’t able to speak for a long while as he tried to absorb the information Jimin had given him. It sounded ludicrous at first, completely unbelievable, but the loop held many people with gifts and powers that were ludicrous and unbelievable, and Jimin looked to scared and guilty as he confessed everything that Isak couldn’t help but believe him. Carefully, he reached out a hand to touch Jimin’s hair, the way he would have if he had still been Min, and gave him a reassuring smile. Life changed little after that, even if the wolf by his side had now replaced by a boy who didn’t seem to want to be away from him, and even if the first few days after Jimin’s revelation were awkward. Once the initial discomfort passed, Isak found he relished in being able to talk to Jimin and have Jimin talk back. The two of them became fast friends, as they had been when Jimin was still a wolf.

It took Isak several years of intense friendship to realise he was in love with Jimin. They had remained close even after Jimin’s revelation, and at times it was as if nothing had changed – Jimin even slept at the foot of Isak’s bed in his wolf form, sometimes. Isak, who had always been a very tactile person, found it carried over to Jimin; he had always been able to pet Min, after all, and it didn’t change when Min turned into Jimin. He did find, however, that as time went on, the touches gave him tingles in his stomach not unlike butterflies, and he felt warm whenever Jimin smiled at him. He wasn’t sure, though, until he experienced one of Jimin’s heats.

Jimin had told him about his heats years ago, but Isak had never experienced one, mostly because Jimin always knew when they were coming and sequestered himself in his room when they did. But this time around, his heat took Jimin by surprise, and he was alone with Isak when it hit. Isak didn’t notice at first, but when he did, it was as if his entire world stopped. Jimin was flushed all over, skin shining with a sheen of sweat. His eyes were unfocused and he couldn’t seem to stay still. Soft sounds of what might either be pain or something else entirely escaped his lips. Isak’s throat felt suddenly very dry and he swallowed compulsively, wetting his lips. Jimin was beautiful.

His hands were shaking when he forced himself to help Jimin up. He knew Jimin wasn’t in his right mind and that he would want to be alone, as he was every heat, and so he made himself walk Jimin to his room and help him to the bed, even as his mind unhelpfully called up images of what Jimin would look like this beneath him, that flush spread all over his body as he looked up at Isak shyly, fully conscious of what he was doing, willing, above all, as he mumbled a needy, Isak—

Isak managed to get himself out the door, though he didn’t get much further than that, sliding down to the floor with his back against the wall. He told himself it was so that he would be close in case Jimin needed anything, but he knew he was kidding himself – it was simply that he couldn’t move any further. He stayed by the door, hands clenched around his ankles because he didn’t know where to put them otherwise, trying to ignore the sounds coming from the other side of the wall, until he finally managed to drag himself back to his room hours later. He didn’t sleep that night.

When Jimin came to him several  days later, embarrassed and fidgeting, to thank him for bringing him back to his room, Isak thought of telling him, but ultimately swallowed his words and playfully ruffled Jimin’s hair, telling him not to worry about it.

Isak and Jimin stayed in the loop in Wales until restlessness and homesickness drove Isak to return to Norway, a country he hadn’t seen in well over a century. Jimin went with him, much to Isak’s relief, as Jimin was the one thing that made him hesitate about leaving; together, they entered the loop at Inndyr, where they have been ever since – not quite simply friends, and not quite not.

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t r i v i a
» Isak is abnormally punctual. He can’t stand being late and makes sure to always show up to an appointment exactly on time.
» He’s most often found humming tunes under his breath.
» Because he was raised in Monmouth and spent somewhat over a century in the loop in Wales, he speaks English more fluently than he does Norwegian. He does still curse in Norwegian, though, and the songs he hums are Norwegian, as well.
» Technically speaking, Isak isn’t sure if he’s actually homosexual or something else; the only person he’s ever been in love with is Jimin. Because Jimin is a man, so Isak finds it easier to think of himself as homosexual.



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