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15 oktober 2016

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 Jimin Park

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Jimin Park


PROFIELAantal berichten : 75
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Woonplaats : Under a bridge
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Bijzonderheid: Ω lycanthrope
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Quote: want me, the me who has lost the way

BerichtOnderwerp: Jimin Park   za jan 07, 2017 9:29 pm

jimin park

hundred thirty-four // Ω lycanthrope // sixteen

name. jimin park
dob. 1883/13/10
pob. snowshill, england
nickname. minnie, chimchim
appearance. sixteen
age. hundred thirty-four
gender. male / omega
sexuality. homosexual
gift. omega lycanthrope

[kind] Jimin is kind of a stereotypical omega. He is a kind-hearted soul and will go out of his way to help others when he can. Jimin is polite and caring and won’t think twice about putting someone else before himself. He is gentle and sweet with both human and animal. Also, Jimin is the kind of person who'll try to look and find the best in anyone.

[happy] Jimin is generally speaking a very happy and lively type of person. Always giggling, laughing and smiling his signature eye smile, he tries to enjoy life as much as possible. Though usually not necessarily on purpose, Jimin tends to act kind of adorable around people who give him attention. His happy and cute demeanor disappears almost instantly, however, when he is confronted with alpha's or normal people who seem scary or intimidating.

[shy] When you first meet Jimin, he tends to be somewhat shy. While he enjoys talking and always wants to try and make new friends, he is habitually rather insecure and often feels like he can't trust other people. He wonders about being good enough and is scared of people disliking him. He's scared to death of whom he sees as scary or intimidating people. Jimin has a tendency to hide behind objects or people he trusts when meeting new people. He rarely looks people in the eye and is likely to become somewhat submissive when in the presence of alpha's or the like.

[gullible] While Jimin doesn't trust people who he doesn't know or whom are on the no-no list, he is very gullible when it comes to the few select people he does trust. His trust in these people is so vast that'll he'll believe anything they'll say. Because of his past with his parents and all, it's probably because of this that he feels somewhat insecure.

[hardworking] Jimin is a hardworking person when it comes to basically anything, especially when it comes to things he loves doing. He puts his back into things and won’t back down from a challenge. He is not a quitter and will put in his all to be the best he can be. You could say he's somewhat of a perfectionist.

Shortly after their arranged marriage took place, Suwon took his wife Sooyoung to England, so he could further his studies in medicine. Their first child, Jisung, was born when they were in England for about a year. The pregnancy and birth were hard on Sooyoung and she wished to have no more children. After about six years, however, she became pregnant again and after another harrowing pregnancy Jiwon was born. Though again vowing to never have another child, ten years later, she became pregnant one more time. Luck seemed to finally smile upon Sooyoung and the pregnancy couldn't have gone easier. There was almost no nausea, no moodswings and she barely gained any weight. That last one, at first, was actually quite concerning according to her doctor, but she seemed completely fine. After an extremely easy birth, Jimin was born in 1883 in Snowshill, England. He was the tiniest little baby, with merry sparkling eyes and a big tuft of hair on his little head. Jimin was a happy baby, always smiling and giggling. His happiness was infectious and he always managed to make people around him smile as well.

Jimin grew up normally. He wasn't spoiled rotten, but he was very loved and had nearly everything he wanted. Jimin remained small, however. He was always the smallest among his peers, boys or girls and it wasn't abnormal for him to get teased about this. Though remarks did hurt the young boy, he tried to not let them get at him and continued smiling.

When Jimin was about fifteen years old, his world got turned upside down. It started when he began feeling awfully warm, even though it was midwinter and it was freezing outside. He started sweating in places he didn't know he could sweat and began feeling an odd, dull pain in his abdomen. Next thing Jimin knew, he started feeling somewhat weak to the point where suddenly, his knees gave out when he was walking home from a friend, late at night. What Jimin didn't know was that, to a trained nose, he was giving off a certain smell. A smell, pheromones if you will, so irresistible it caught the attention of someone not much unlike Jimin, though he did not realise this, at the time. That night, during Jimin's first heat, he was raped brutally by an Alpha who was just passing through Snowshill. Afterwards, he left Jimin behind, cold and alone, the snow dyed a red hue.

Jimin was found the next morning, his lips blue and his body cold. He was quickly brought to a nearby clinic, where doctors tended to him until he could finally go home. From this point on, Jimin was easily frightened, especially by large people or sudden movements. He didn't smile as much anymore and could often be found, just staring at a wall. Three months passed by and Jimin again noticed a dull throb in his stomach, but it was different from that night a few moons ago. Scared and insecure, he decided to go to the same clinic from back then. He trusted the doctor somewhat and let him check him out.

Pregnant, was the verdict. A strange miracle, according to the doctor, who did not judge him for sodomizing. Jimin, of course, felt scared and unsure. Yet, he did not terminate the pregnancy. Another two months passed and somehow, Jimin started smiling again. Somehow, he had started to love what he was carrying. He truly loved and cared for it. Jimin would later realise that this was partly due to his Omega nature. Another month passed and his tummy could no longer be hidden behind clothes or excuses of eating too much. Scared, he told his family.

He was right to be scared. His mother was utterly dissapointed in him and cursed at him. His father and brothers were disgusted and angry. They saw red and snapped. They punched and kicked and hit and pushed. That evening, after Jimin was kicked from his home and made the slow, painful track towards the clinic, he lost his children. Twins. Two girls. Lost them. Like he misplaced them somewhere. Jimin cried many tears as he ran away. It hurt, and he was hurt. It didn't hurt, or even ache, when he somehow managed to morph into a small white wolf, blue spots on his little head.

He ran and ran, for days on end, until he could run no further. And he collapsed, hurt and in pain. Things went a bit hazy from that point on. Flashbacks made his sore muscles twitch and pitiful sounds leave his throat. Admittedly, Jimin was too out of it to really notice when he got company. It was a boy, maybe around his age, had Jimin still been a boy himself. Though everything was a bit vague and blurry, Jimin noticed the boy coming closer, hands up, like maybe he was trying to catch him. The small wolf tried backing away, soft whimpers resounding in the air. The boy stopped and for a second, Jimin was convinced he was going to be left alone, but alas. The blurry boy grabbed something from his bag and held it out to him. Jimin got startled and tried moving away from the hand. Don't touch me, he wanted to say. Stay away. He didn't get very far and he didn't need to, either, as the boy seemed to get the message and stopped advancing. Jimin followed the boy's every move, too scared of what he could possibly do. But he didn't do anything, he just stayed where he had sat down, seemingly unmoving. Time passed and Jimin's eyelids started to feel heavy, like his heart and his body did as well. After what seemed like forever, he fell asleep.

When Jimin came to, he felt surprised and somewhat confused to find the boy was still there. His vision had cleared somewhat and he could see the boy nudging a piece of bread towards him. For a few moments, Jimin stared at the boy. He felt so confused and so scared. But the boy didn't necessarily seem so bad. He carefully sniffed at the bread, his eyes still on the unmoving boy. Was it poisoned? It didn't smell off? Slowly he started nibbling at a slice, only now noticing how hungry he had been. Then again, he hadn't eaten for several days, so it only made sense. The boy stayed for a while still, before getting up and shrugging off his coat. The sudden movements startled Jimin, but he remained where he was. The coat, still warm from having been worn and smelling like the boy was draped over the small white wolf, covering more than his entire body. Then the boy left, with the promise to come again tomorrow on his lips. Jimin fell asleep with a smell of calm and safety around him.

When the boy appeared again the next day from behind the trees, Jimin looked up, surprised. The boy may have promised he would come today, but Jimin did not trust easy. Not anymore at least. The boy came closer and extended his hand towards him. Jimin was unsure, though the feeling of being scared was slowly ebbing away. He wondered what to do and for a few long moments he just stared from the hand to the boy's eyes. The wind started picking up a bit and suddenly the smell of calm and safety made its way to his nostrils. He blinked slowly and carefully started to lean in, touching the offered hand with his cold nose. The same smell… For a second Jimin let himself enjoy whatever this was, before coming to his senses and quickly pulling away. His put his head down again and watched as the boy sat down on the same spot as yesterday. And there he stayed until dark. Jimin had a thought, once or twice, to just get up and leave, but somehow, his body refused service and he, too, stayed. That night, he again fell asleep to warmth, calm, safety and maybe hope?

The next morning Jimin was ready. He had thought about it all night, dreamed about it even. It might have been a dumb decision, but he was going to trust the boy. As it was, if it weren't for the boy, he might have died from hunger already. He sort of owed the boy, so whether this call was going to lead to his death or not, it wouldn't matter. Jimin gathered his strength and stood up for the first time in days and waited. Surely the boy would arrive soon. And he did. He walked nearer and set down quite close to him. Jimin took a deep mental breath, and maybe a little scared, he walked to the boy and sat down. He carefully nudged his arm, trying to tell him that he was going to trust him, that he owed the boy. This seemed to please the boy and he slowly put his hand on Jimin's head, which in hindsight felt pretty damn good. That night, Jimin fell asleep on a warm bed, in a warm room that smelled of the boy that saved him, Isak.

Jimin, now called Min or Minnie, and Isak were inseparable. Jimin followed him everywhere he could and enjoyed just being with him and took to sleeping at the foot of Isak's bed. Isak's parents were quite nice too, though it took Jimin a while to trust them. Things changed again when one day, when Jimin was sixteen years old, he, Isak and some of his friends went to the forest. It all happened quite quick. Jimin stood still as he heard something in the distance, his ears twitching in the direction of where the sound was coming from. The next thing he knew, Isak had pushed one of his friends out of the way, just in time for a bullet to barely miss them. Jimin panicked and started barking and howling, quickly scurrying over to where Isak was, hiding between his legs, whining softly. Jimin quickly realized that Isak had probably seen a vision and his thoughts were confirmed when he explained to his friends what had happened. He made his friends promise to keep quiet, but once again, it became clear to Jimin, that not all people could be trusted.

Jimin noticed people following them, or more specific, Isak and he knew that Isak noticed this as well. Jimin felt scared for him and for himself. But Isak, calm and safe Isak, always seemed to have a solution to everything. They left home soon after and traveled West. After some time, they entered the loop of Miss Partridge, a place where they could be save.

Life continued on, peacefully and quiet, until one point in 1911. Jimin had never been able to transform back to his human form, didn't want to either, afraid of what would come to haunt him. Until one day, thirteen years after the loss of his daughters, he found himself a boy again, rather than the white wolf. Shocked and scared he quickly transformed back to his wolf form. He was happy being a dog and he wondered if it would be the same were he a boy. He wondered if his relationship with Isak would remain the same. He decided no, everything would probably change and wanted to stay wolf. Except he did start practicing transforming, every now and then.

One certain night he couldn't sleep. Thoughts kept spinning around in his head and he felt like crying. When morning finally broke, Jimin the boy, sat dressed in Isak's to big clothes, at the foot of the bed. He felt guilty, ashamed, nervous and maybe even a little bit scared, feelings he hadn't felt around Isak since the very first day. Jimin ended up telling and explaining everything to Isak, from beginning to end, leaving no details behind. Jimin cried telling his story and silent tears kept falling even after having said everything. For a long time, it remained quiet between the two of them, the silence only broken by Jimin's inconsistent sniffling. When finally Isak put his hand on the top of Jimin's soft hair a smile gracing his face, Jimin smiled back for what felt like the first time in forever.

At first, after what Jimin now dubs as ‘the big reveal’, Jimin felt kind of awkward. He clearly wasn't used to being a human anymore and sometimes still felt like he was a wolf. He noticed he was constantly on the lookout for possible petting and just wanted to be called a good boy. Jimin felt confused about who he was, but this too, ebbed away. He realized he could be both wolf and boy and often switched between the two, trying to not make it a habit of sleeping on Isak's bed, but more often than not, failing epically.

The years dragged on. Not a lot happened, which was completely fine by Jimin. He did ask Isak to join him when he got a tattoo on the right of his left wrist; two of the smallest dots, barely visible. A remembrance to those he lost and had loved so dearly.

Jimin knew when a heat was waiting around the corner and always managed to lock himself up away from others during them. He did not want to trouble anyone with his antics and definitely didn't want a revisit to that one night all those years ago. Everything went fine, until it didn't and Jimin went into heat without as much as a warning. He tried acting casual, but he could feel warmth creep over his body as he started sweating. His head felt hazy and his vision started to blur. His breathing picked up slightly and a dull throb began forming in his lower abdomen, a itch he couldn't seem to scratch. He whined softly, drawing Isak's attention and Jimin just felt the overwhelming need to be touched. Jimin couldn’t suppress a soft, barely audible moan when Isak helped him up and towards their room and to the bed. Somewhere Jimin wanted Isak to stay with him, but surely that was the heat talking, right? Jimin felt like he was suffocating with need and want and Isak. When Isak let him go and exited the room, Jimin was left alone feeling confused, but somehow relieved and somehow frustrated.

After his heat was finally over and Jimin's mind was once again clear, he couldn't help but still feeling confused. And embarrassed. And thankful. Confused of how he felt for Isak. Embarrassed for how he behaved. Thankful for Isak being him, who would not take advantage of him just like that. He sought out Isak and with his ears probably red, his eyes cast down and his fingers fidgeting, Jimin just thanked him for bringing him back to his room. Truth be told, Jimin was thankful for this, but there was more to it and Jimin hoped that Isak knew.

The embarrassment passed. The thankfulness stayed. The confusion grew. Until it vanished. Maybe. Maybe he liked Isak more than just a best friend.

In 2011, when Isak decided he wanted to go back to Norway, his homecountry, Jimin did not hesitate a second. He did not even have to be asked and knew he would follow Isak to the ends of earth if needs be. Together they entered the loop in Inndyr, where they remain today, not quite simply friends, and not quite not.

Jimin is an omega lycanthrope. This means that Jimin can transform into a wolf, much like a werewolf. However, unlike the standard werewolf story, Jimin doesn't only transform into a wolf when it's a full moon. In fact, Jimin is in complete charge of when or when he doesn't transform.

Something Jimin isn't in charge of is his so called second gender. There are three different second genders: Alpha, Beta and Omega. Second genders have nothing to do with ones first gender, being male or female, meaning Alpha, Beta and Omega can be either first gender.

Alpha's are usually larger and stronger than the other second genders. They are often extremely protective and may come across rather intimidating. Male and female Alpha's alike can impregnate others. Beta's are basically the normal everyday people you see around you. And then there are Omega's like Jimin.

Omega's are usually small, soft and gentle. They tend to be somewhat submissive, especially around Alpha's. Female and Male Omega's alike have wombs and can conceive. Also, every three months or so, Omega's have something called heats. Heats are basically the time when an Omega is most fertile. An Omega may experience the extreme urge to have sex for biological reasons outside of their control. An Omega's body is basically trying to tell him or her that he or she is ready for children. A heat lasts for three to five days on average.

tl;dr Jimin can transform into a wolf and can become pregnant. Click to see his wolf form.

father suwon park
dob 1845. surgeon.
mother sooyoung park
dob 1848. wife and mother.
brother jisung park
dob 1867. journalist and art critic.
brother jiwon park
dob 1873. author.

+ At night, Jimin quite often transforms in his wolf form, so he can go and sleep at the end of Isak's bed.

+ Jimin loves dancing. He's probably best at contemporary dance, but is actually quite proficient in other styles as well.

+ Though Jimin is Korean through heritage, he has never actually learned the language and knows only little of Korea's culture.

+ Jimin has two small dots, so small, they're barely visible, tattoo'd the right side of his left wrist in remembrance of whom he lost.

+ Even though Jimin is a wolf, his favourite animals are sheep, which he, by the way, doesn't see as prey.

+ Jimin was about twelve when he realised he maybe liked boys more than girls. He always kept it a secret, back then, however. This was probably due to Oscar Wilde, whom was convicted for sodomy around the same time period. He was afraid something would happen to him.

+ Jimin loves being petted, be it in wolf or human form.


park. jimin park. by ryann.


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거짓 속에 빠져있어, 순결했던 날 찾아줘
I'm caught in a lie, find the me that was innocent
이 고통에서 헤어날 수 없어, 벌받는 나를 구해줘
I can’t free myself from this pain, save the me who’s being punished
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Jimin Park
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