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15 oktober 2016

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 Sayuri Davies ✽

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Sayuri Davies


PROFIELAantal berichten : 75
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Registratiedatum : 03-02-17
Accounts :
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Bijzonderheid: Empathy
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 8
Quote: [Empathy] is seeing with the eyes of another. Listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.

BerichtOnderwerp: Sayuri Davies ✽   ma feb 06, 2017 11:48 am

NAME✽ Sayuri Davies
DATE OF BIRTH✽ 2009/22/01
PLACE OF BIRTH✽ Kyoto, Japan
AGE✽ Eight
GENDER✽ Female
GIFT✽ Empathy and Combined Healing


Shy✽ Sayuri never has been an outgoing person. Despite the fact that her parents always encouraged her to be no one else but herself. She has a hard time expressing her thoughts and feelings. This has become even harder for her after the harassments the twins went through just because they were different. Her original origin from this shyness is found in her earlier history and character. She never had to grab the spotlight and was always easygoing. She just didn't see the need to speak a lot and didn't like much attention. Just let her do her own thing in her own way without to much of questioning. That is the way she prefers things.

Intelligent✽ Sayuri is silent but extremely smart. This is of course in a different way than her sister has. While her sister can just get lots of information about all those different things with a simple touch. She has to read about it. She loves reading and understands the connections between things easily. This might be greatly influenced because of her gift. If she has to speak up, she does so in an incredible gentle, firm and smart way. She knows how to help other people without bringing them down or giving them the creeps. Her wisdom isn't only fact based, it is more often based on the state of mind and feelings. While she has also a good memory of facts she never can hold as much fact based information as her sister.

Hasty✽ Sayuri is always bussy with something. She just feels the need to do something. She can't just sit and do nothing or stare at things. She has to move around doing shores or helping others. To keep her mind at rest she better can have something in her hands. Sayuri has trouble sitting in large groups and because of that has to make up good excuses, which is only easier if she has really something planned to do. Beside that working on much at the same time keeps her gift at bay, which means that she has a lot more control about it. She prefers to have no time to think something over to long, mainly because it won't change any situation and sometimes going into a situation head first can help.

Controlling✽ Sayuri is very controlling about some things. Mainly her gift and the way she moves through the day. She is afraid of letting go of some structure, especially if that means she or others can get hurt. She feels largely responsible about lots of things. The easiest way to be sure she won't feel to much pain and emotions from others is by trying to control most situations Sayuri is in. If she can make sure others won't touch her and she can move out of the situation when needed, she feels a lot calmer and is pretty easygoing towards someone. She doesn't want to control most things of others, she just wants to make sure that she is safe herself. This also finds a bit of origin in the fact she was harassed a lot and the first experience of her gift.

Easygoing✽ Sayuri knows a lot about other people. Some say she looks straight through them. She does in some way or another and is really easygoing because of that. She knows why they do things and because of that has the possibility of understanding them and their ways. She does need some respect from others in order to just let them do whatever they seem to be comfortable doing. Her easygoing character also helps her to keep herself on neutral ground when other people are fighting. She actually is a great counselor and loves helping other people. This is also because of the fact that she can stop herself from feeling awful when others don't feel awful anymore. She won't feel it if it isn't present anymore. Sometimes when she feels scares because of other malledies she changes the entire enviroment by controlling everyones feelings. This she can only do by keeping a stronger emotion of herself in control and sending it out. So while she is always gentle towards everyone she sometimes takes control when she feels the need to do so.

Insecure✽ Sayuri is known to be very insecure about herself and others. Even though she hasn't got a hard time with understanding others and herself she finds herself unsure about a lot of things many times. She has trouble telling people how she feels herself when she feels many other people a lot and knows the pressure that comes with it. She doesn't want to give others something to worry about and keeps many things silent because of that. Even though she speaks easier with her sister than others she even keeps those things from her. Unless she has no other choice than talking about it. Besides that many people say one thing and do the other which is really confusing for her at times and that also results in her being unsure and insecure in the actions she has to take.

Withdrawn✽ Sayuri has noticed it is the best to be withdrawn when feeling to deeply. It feels a bit like she is flooding, if she is in a large crowded place. She can't shut everyone down at the same time and with crowded places people bump into each other. This means that after such an experience she needs alot of rest and withdraws herself. She also has a bit of fear for intimacy. This is because of the fact that she and her sister were harassed even though they were young and didn't hurt others with their gifts. She is afraid she won't be accepted even though she now lives in a loop.


The young girl, barely past the age of fifteen was completely in love with her math and biology teacher, ten years her senior. She thought him handsome and smart, a real gentleman too! He was always very kind and sweet towards his students, though he seemed to favor the young girl more so than the others. It started of small. Short casual talks after class, casual talks in the hallways, innocent touches on the shoulder or arm or head. Slowly but surely, it started escalating after that. Lingering touches and deeper conversations, soft kisses after school, stolen kisses during school, sex. The young girl and her teacher were inseparable.

The young girl discovered she was pregnant when she was barely sixteen. It was too late for an abortion. The teacher, the love of her life and father of her child denied everything. They had never had a relationship, nor was he the father of the child. The school was quick to suspend her and her family felt ashamed. When the, what turned  out to be, twin girls were born, she immediately gave them up for a closed adoption. Her name was not be put on any forms and she never wanted anything to do with the twins.

For the first few months of their lives, the twins lived in an orphanage, who named the children Sayuri and Sho. Soon enough, they were adopted by an Australian couple from Perth. Though Elijah and Eleanor had been trying for a baby for several years now, tests showed that Elijah's sperm count was just too low and quality of sperm was bad to boot. They quickly decided they wanted to adopt and started the two year long process. About two and a half years later, a small Sayuri and a small Sho joined the Davies family.

Sayuri and Sho were inseparable from the start, always playing together and always sharing everything. And though they looked alike like two drops of water, they couldn't be more different in character, which, especially starting from their toddler years, became incredibly noticeable. Where Sayuri was quiet and shy, Sho was loud and bold. And where Sayuri would rather stay in the background for a bit, Sho would grab the spotlight and say whatever was on her mind.

Besides the fact that the twins were very close, aside from normal sibling spats, they were also very close with their parents. Their dad was an artist who worked from home, he made drawings for an animation studio and was also full time house-dad. Their mother worked as a full time psychologist. Despite their busy schedules, there was always enough time to be together and do fun things. The twins grew up without a strict set of rules and were encouraged to be no one but themselves and who they wanted to be. It sometimes seems that Sho has taken this a bit too much to heart. Sayuri on the other hand was more of a follower than leader type, she did have her own mindset on things, but didn't express them unless it was necessary.

Sho first discovered her peculiarity when she was about four years old. A curious little thing, she asked about anything and everything, wanting to know all specific details about any subject possible. She had found an old antique book up in the attic. Curious as she was, Sho paged through the book that spoke of military strategy and tactics. She didn't understand much, but was enthralled nonetheless. She took the book downstairs to the living room and waited for her dad to come home from his quick run to the store. When he finally did and Sho asked him if he wanted to help her with something, she ran to the book on a coffee-table and as soon as she picked the book up, it happened.

"The Art of War," she spoke. "349 pages, written by Sun Tzu, translated by Dr. Lionel Giles from Great Britain. Published in 1910." Little Sho dropped the book and grabbed her head with both hands, falling to her knees, a pained look marring her face. Her father grabbed her by the shoulders. "What's wrong, sweetie?" he asked, clearly startled and maybe even a bit frightened."One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. One who does not know the enemy but knows himself will sometimes be victorious, sometimes meet with defeat. One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated in every engagement, page 135, middle paragraph, block quote."

By this time, the small child was sobbing. Her head. It hurt so bad! She started riddling off more and more quotes. Her father, seriously scared for his daughter, quickly picked her up and ran off in search of Sayuri, who he grabbed by the hand, before practically running to the car. They arrived at the hospital in record time. The doctor didn't take long to diagnose her as a peculiar child, whereafter she was sedated to keep her calm and away from possible harm.

After this, ever as sure of herself, Sho slowly started learning about her peculiarity. Smaller things at first, that didn't hold as much information as The Art of War, to test her limitations. Her twin sister turned out to be a peculiar child as well. Not strange, considering the fact that they were identical twins.

Like Sho, Sayuri found her peculiarity in a hard way. She of course knew what had happened with her younger sister and it had scared her in a very bad way. Normally her younger sister was her protector. She wasn't used to protecting her sister and even if she wanted to, she couldn't manage. She couldn't handle seeing Sho in that much pain. While she was needless to say, really scared for her sibling, she hadn't got any outlet. Her father was afraid for his daughter too, and she knew that Sho needed them to be strong. At first she didn't understand what peculiarity meant. Sho was different than the others, but how? By how much? Those questions were answered when Sayuri found out about her own peculiarity.

This time her parents knew about the fact that there was a increased change of Sayuri being a peculiar child, like her sister. They were after all identical twins. Sayuri being the more silent and observant one, was always into emotions from others. She seemed to have a deeper knowledge about the thoughts and feelings of others. She had great empathy, at first everyone thought she was just a little bit sensitive for the outside world and needed the protection of her sister to help her adjust to it. But the truth came out when one of the neighbors was visiting. The man had just moved towards their neighborhood and was invited to have a drink of tea with them. Just to get to know each other. At the moment that Sayuri had to shake hands with him, as a form of introduction she felt all of his emotions in her small body. The pain she felt of a heartbreak, an unbelievable loss. Was the first thing that came to mind. She knew that he had lost the love of his life and that he was greatly depressed. Hoping for a better future in another place, a place which didn't remind him of his love every other day. Sayuri had tears in her eyes and got a far away look in her eyes, one that wasn't normally there. She of course was thoughtful but never mentally absent.  Suddenly the girl snapped back and looked with her knowing eyes at the other man. "Daddy, is he going to hurt himself?" She asked, while looking strangely worried. She had felt his depression as if were her own. Her soft words were strangely choked when she looked for their mother. "Mommy can I go to my room, please," Sayuri whispered after her mothers short nod she rushed away from the stranger and more importantly from the pain. The one whose imprint would stay on her for at least some hours. Any longer connection with his hand would have meant another hospital visit in a relatively short time. This time not for Sho but for herself.

Their parents didn't need a doctor this time to diagnose their other daughter. Sayuri was like Sho, they both were peculiar children. Like Sho, Sayuri tried to improve her skills by carefully touching others. Sometimes she even shied away from people, knowing that she wouldn't have enough control to stop the pain. When her sister was experiencing one of her headaches after getting to much information in her system, Sayuri learned for the very first time how to change the emotions from another person. Instead of shying away, she grabbed one of her sisters hands and tried to push her sister's feelings away from her own. She could feel two parts of her, one part was her own feelings and the other part was feeling like Sho. She managed to dim the feelings of Sho and help her by sending out her own. Her gentle and loving feelings, her happy and worried feelings. Still Sayuri has lots to learn.

When Sho and Sayuri were six years old, they discovered a new side to their power that they could only use together. It happened when their mother was baking a cake and she burned herself. The twins quickly ran towards their mother to hug her and make her feel better. They both had a hold of their mothers hand when suddenly, the small burn was gone. It wasn't until later that they discovered how this happened. They both had felt so bad for their mother and wanted nothing more than to make her feel better. That resulted in them activating both their powers and before anyone knew what was going on, it had already happened.

As the years crept by and the twins grew older, their abilities had garnered some unwanted attention. They started getting harassed on the streets and the other kids at their school had started to ignore them. Their parents, eventually, with pain in their hearts, decided to send the twins to Norway, to a loop where their peculiar auntie also resided.


Sayuri's gift is Empathy. With this she has the power to fully interpret and replicate the emotions, moods, and temperaments of others. This includes, but is not limited to interpreting moods, emotions and temperaments of others without reading apparent symptoms. Which allows her to fully understand introverts and/or discovering that one emotion is actually hidden under another. The information she gets includes: health, emotions, feelings, history of the mental being and temperaments. It doesn't stop there, she also is able to understand the moods of persons almost as if it is her own.

For example if Sayuri touches a person she will feel the last of his/her emotions first. Sometimes it is a gentle emotion
such as love and happyness but more often than not it is a painful emotion such as anger and hatred. She can feel on such a level that she can almost hear the thoughts behind it. If a person feels happy she will feel happy and almost hear "I am happy because of my new job." So Sayuri will know about the knew job, but she won't know what job it is, for that people have to be with her sister Sho. The longer Sayuri touches someone the more information she gets until she has the entire history of the mental and emotional being of someone. The information always seeps fastly through her system which means that it can be hard to grasp the contents.

With moods and temperaments it works exactly the same. She gets the moods of the present first, the moods of the past last. For temperaments she can also get information of the reason why people have that temperament even though she can not see or hear it. She will feel the reason and only if someone is accidentally thinking about the reason, she will be able to almost hear it. For example when someone has gone through a trauma and that is why they are easily withdrawn, she will not only feel that they are withdrawn but also the reason why and that origin can be by some people in a far memory in another time and place. She will get the conntext but not the details from it.

Lastly she can change the way people feel. Both in positive and negative way. She always will have to feel the emotion she wants to give other people which is the reason why she changes peoples emotions mostly for the better and not the worst. She can also numb pain but not make the pain disappear entirely. For that she has to feel the last pain and emotion from the other and touch them before pushing their emotion and pain away from her and then connect her emotion with theirs. Which means that she brings her own emotion in their system. She can not do this with moods and temperaments, because those are more based on the life's people live and that Sayuri can't change.

Sayuri has another peculiarity when combined with her twinsister. If they both touch a person at the same time and activate their powers, they are able to heal small wounds. It isn't exactly clear how it happens, though it is speculated that it has something to do with the transfer of information on emotion and knowledge between the twins.

short recap Sayuri can interpret and replicate emotions, moods and tempraments of others. She can also change the way people feel. Together with her sister Sho she can heal small wounds.


date of birth Unknown occupation Math/Biology Teacher
date of birth Unknown occupation Student
FATHER✽ Elijah Davies
date of birth 1982 occupation Artist & Housedad
MOTHER✽ Eleanor Davies-Red
date of birth 1983 occupation Psychologist
date of birth 2009 occupation Student


✽ Sayuri is the larger and older one of the twins

✽ Sayuri is mostly protected by Sho, despite the fact that Sayuri is older and taller than her.

✽ Sayuri connects the easiest with Sho, which allows her to help Sho at various occasions when Sho's gift gets out of control.

✽ Sayuri loves most of the candies, unlike her sister she loves chocolate, especially if it melts on her tongue. Sayuri is no fan of salmiak liquorice but can eat it once in a while.

✽ Sayuri misses her parents a lot but takes great reassurance from her twinsister, whom is always strongly by her side.

✽ Sayuri is an easy eater. She likes almost everything, be it vegetables or meat. Give it to her and she will finish it with much dignity. The only thing she doesn't really enjoy is some kinds of cheese in dishes and raw cooked meat. She is neutral towards fruit. Like her twinsister she doesn't like soft drinks, and is happier with healthy stuff, like a cup of tea or a glass of water.

✽ Sayuri loves history and music. She kept a few history books with her but weirdly enough for some people, she hasn't kept a thing about the World Wars. Since she can understand emotions really well she can also understand the harsh times people lived in then and doesn't want to remember that. She also keeps a few musical instruments with her, but her most favorite is her acoustic guitar.

✽ Sayuri believes in the good of people amd because of that she is never heard talking badly about people and fairly good with keeping secrets.

✽ Sayuri secretly loves to sing and do some sports but is often to shy and withdrawn to do it.


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Sayuri Davies ✽
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