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15 oktober 2016

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 Asher Tolkien

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Asher Tolkien


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Quote: my burnt and black heaven. my love that grew from that sadness

BerichtOnderwerp: Asher Tolkien   do feb 09, 2017 10:29 pm

asher tolkien

eighty-seven // teleportation and phasing // nineteen

name. asher adam henry tolkien
dob. 1929/30/06
pob. fairlight, england
nickname. ash
appearance. nineteen
age. eighty-seven
gender. male
sexuality. pansexual
gift. teleportation and phasing

[persistent] Asher wants what he wants, and no force in heaven or on earth will be able to change his mind once he’s made a decision. He doesn’t take no for an answer very easily and usually does what he wants, no matter what it takes. He wants to win any and all arguments he gets involved in, which basically means that he keeps arguing until the other person simply gives up out of exasperation. If there is something – or someone – he wants, he doesn’t give up until he has it.

[righteous] Asher has a very strong dislike for those who do bad. Though this probably has to do with all that happened during the Second World War, his dislike is not limited to whatever the Nazi's did. Bullying and the like are very big no-no's on Asher's list. Whether it's about race, looks or anything, nothing justifies tormenting others. Asher is the kind of person to stand up to those who do wrong and won't back out of a physical fight.

[rebelious] While at first glance, Asher may seem innocent and angelic, he usually is anything but. From the mere age of two, Asher threw temper tantrums and hissyfits. He had a reply to anything and 'no' became a popular word. He very rarely did what he was told. In later years, he started doing things that he knew would get his parents riled up, like stealing and starting small fires.

[happy] Ever since he was a baby, Asher has always been a happy person. A smile, more often than not on his face, he giggles and laughs a lot and is quite quick to amuse. Especially those close to him, those whom he actually kind of respects, seem to have a knack for it.

[flirty] Asher likes attention; both giving and receiving it. He enjoys flirting both simply for the sake of it and as a precursor to other activities. He can be very sweet and charming, when he wants to be, and he usually manages to wind someone right around his finger. On most occasions, he’s not really looking for anything serious, mostly because he knows he can’t maintain a lasting relationship (even though he does want one) but the act of flirting itself is good enough for him. Usually.

[reliant] Despite his big mouth, Asher is very much a little boy at heart. He craves love and attention, needs it to keep himself going. He’s very dependent on the opinion of others and aches for someone to devote their attention to him and love him in spite of his many flaws. The danger is that he very easily accepts this kind of validation no matter where it comes from, which might lead him to the wrong sort of people.

Hannah fidgeted nervously as she stared at herself in the mirror. She was dressed in white, her mother's wedding dress, and her hair was done up in elaborate curls. In an hour, she would be married - to a man she had met a grand total of three times, no less. Cain had seemed like a decent man, but how sure of that could she be from three short meetings? She felt vaguely ill, but she knew there was no backing out – the church was packed to the brim with people, for both her and Cain, and they expected her to attend. She gave herself one last look in the mirror and left the room, smiling at her father, who had been waiting outside. She didn't know if her smile was very convincing, but it must have been, because her father walked her down the aisle without comment.

Much of the actual wedding passed Hannah by. She was vaguely aware of Cain's stoic presence beside her, his shoulder against hers as they sat but his hand nowhere on hers, and she remembered well-wishers accosting them at all hours of the day to congratulate them on their marriage. She remembered the journey to her new home the best: the only sound the rumbling of the car engine, and the bang of the door when Cain had to get out to crank the engine. The house they would be living in was further from her hometown of Guildford than she had ever been, and it felt odd. Cain left her to settle in – he left her much to her own devices, anyway, only coming to sit with her during dinner and when they retired for the night.

The first few days were awkward and stilted, the silences between them oppressive, until Hannah gathered her courage to sit next to Cain as he read, asking about the book. He looked at her oddly but indulged her, summarizing what he had read so far. She asked him more questions, what he liked about the book, what other books he had read, and started talking about her favourites. Before long, they discovered that literature was their shared passion, and they spoke animatedly about books they had both read. The silences became fewer, as they now spoke during dinner and read to each other in bed before going to sleep.

Much to the surprise of both Hannah and Cain, their marriage was a happy one, once they became used to each other. Cain was kind and gentle, ever attentive to the needs of his wife, and Hannah complemented him in ways he had never even imagined. Nevertheless, it took them two years before their first son, Noah, was born. Six years later, their daughter Grace was born.

Around the same time, Hannah and Cain made a startling discovery: Noah had powers. They found him in the nursery when Grace was six months old levitating some of her stuffed animals, much to her delight. A startled Hannah pulled Noah from the room, her heart pounding loudly in her chest. She was terrified – her son had magic, powers no living person should have. Cain was convinced it must have been a devil's curse, and took Noah with him to church multiple times a week instead of just on Sunday. The powers remained, however. Hannah was at her wit's end what she should do with Noah until she slowly became aware of the fact that Noah never once used his powers to hurt anyone; he used them solely to make tasks easier or to entertain Grace. Slowly, Hannah warmed up to the idea that they might not be a devil's curse after all, but a gift from God. When Noah remained the sweet if serious boy he had always been, Cain started accepting his son’s powers, as well.

Three years after Grace's birth, Hannah delivered another healthy baby boy, whom they named Asher. At first glance, Asher was the perfect little baby. He was always happy and always giggling. He rarely cried and was quick to sleep through the nights without waking up. He was about two years old when his character took somewhat of a shift. He still was a happy and giggly young boy, but every now and then he threw these terrible temper tantrum's whenever he really wanted something, or really did not want something. Eating became a huge issue, as did going to bed. At first, the two parents wrote off this behaviour as simply 'growing up' and Asher would get over it. Of course, the opposite happened and Asher became more and more rebelious as the years ticked by. More often than not, Hannah was at her wits end at what to do with the unmanageable young boy. Even Cain found himself riddled at the antics of his thirdborn and ended up just giving up on the child.

When Asher was six years old, and Hannah was pregnant with her fourth child, something deep within her just snapped. Asher had just come back from playing outside with his rowdy friends, boots soaked in mud and clothes dirty and ripped beyond recognition. Muddy footsteps could be seen across the wooden floor panneling, which Hannah had just been cleaning. "Young man, you'd better remove those shoes right this instant or your father will hear of it," she told Asher curtly. The small boy just looked at her for a few solid seconds before continuing onwards to his room, ignoring her completely. Hormones already through the roof because of her pregnancy Hannah wasted no time and quickly chased after him, grabbing his upperarm in a firm grip and twisting him around. "Ouch! God dammit!" Asher cursed loudly. The next second, the harsh sound of a slap echoed through the room. Big, teary eyes looked at his mother, his hand resting on his burning cheek. There was no love in the eyes that glared back. "Do not use the Lord's name in vain, you rotten child. To your room, now." That night Asher went to bed crying, his buttocks red and raw from the belting done by his father, without having had dinner and with no compaints.

You'd think Asher would've learned his lesson after this, but he became worse. For the next few months he practically made it his life's mission to annoy and anger his mother. He toned it down a bit, though, when his sister Victoria was born. The delivery had not been without complications and Victoria was a sickly child. Part of himself, as well as his parents, blamed Victoria's sickliness on him and his tomfoolery. To some extent, he felt guilty when he looked at the sleeping baby in his parents bedroom and felt like falling into a hole in the ground out of embarrassment. And he did. He fell through the floor, only to crash on and through the dinnertable. This is how he discovered he could phase through walls and, apparently, floors. Unlike with Noah, his parents were and stayed convinced that Asher had to be a child of the Devil. Why else would he behave like he was and on top of that, fall down, seemingly towards Hell?

Several years passed by. Though Victoria was still sickly, it wasn't as bad as it was at birth and could probably have a normal life. When Asher was ten years old, the family of six temporarily moved to Germany. A brother of Cain had become ill and needed help maintaining his farm, having no sons of himself. It was about six months later that the family decided to actually stay in Germany. Hannah had taken quite a liking to the farm life and thanked the Lord for her brother-in-law, who was strict and helped keeping Asher under control.

When Asher was twelve, Benedict was born. In the meantime, Asher's behaviour had never really let up. By the time he was fifteen, and war with Germany had been in full swing, Asher had been caught stealing candy and other food, drawing on public property, skipping school and starting small fires. Beatings became a regular occurence after that first time. The worst beatings yet, however, happened when Asher was caught making out with a twenty-year-old American soldier in the barn. Sure, Asher loved crawling under his parents' skin. And a sure way to do that was doing anything the Bible deemed wrong, among them loving someone of the same gender... But this... Asher had actually liked the soldier and hadn't kissed him just to spite his parents. The beating had been severe and he still has scars to show for it.

One thing he did agree on with his parents and uncle were their activities of helping people take shelter from the Nazi's. As a family they took care of several families hiding in the basement and attic of the barn. That was, until the Nazi's found out. The family was arrested and was put on trains that would bring them to the working camps. When they arrived, it soon became clear the family would be separated from each other, men and women. Asher, because he was fifteen years old, would go to the women's camp. Before separating, Noah managed to whisper to Asher to not show of his peculiarity. No good would come of it. This would be the last time Asher would ever see his older brother and father.

Together with his mother, his sisters Grace and Victoria and his brother Benedict he was put on the train to Auschwitz. Grace didn't need to get of the train and was shipped off to a different camp, an encouraging smile the last thing Asher would ever see of his older sister. Asher was forcibly tattooed on his left forearm with his supposed identification number '200988'. He was told that from now on, that was his name. The family spend less than a month in Auschwitz and was soon put on a train to Buchenwald.

Hannah, Victoria and Asher were all put to work. Benedict was still too young and would accompany Hannah during her workhours. One night, a few months after their arrival at Buchenwald, Asher was woken by a guard who asked him in angry German to come with him. Asher, scared mindless, complied and quickly got up, shushing Victoria who lay next to him, telling her to go back to sleep, voice shaking. He followed the guard quietly and was led to the office of the campcommander. "Schnell da rein!" the guard barked, pointing a finger to the door. Asher bowed his head, afraid of getting hit, before quickly opening the door.

The campcommander, a charming man, begin thirties, Aryan race and not unpleasant to look at, sat behind his desk, leafing through some documents. "Bitte setzen sie sich," he said, not looking up. Nervously Asher did as he was told and sat on the small couch. Several minutes passed by, before the campcommander put the documents away, stood up and made his way towards where Asher sat. "So kleine katze," the blond man said, standing in front of Asher, kicking off his shoes and unclasping his belt, a friendly smile on his face. "Entspann dich, ich werde gut für dich sorgen."

The man leaned forward and started undoing the buttons of Asher's nightshirt, all the while placing featherlight kisses across his face. Persistent hands pushed the shirt out of the way, before letting them roam across his chest and sides. Asher felt so scared, he did not dare do anything. Instead a sob left his throat and tears slowly formed in his eyes, before falling over tanned skin. "Shhh, kleine katze... Alles wird gut." It didn't. That night, the campcommander had his way with the fifteen-year-old, sobbing boy.

For the next few days, Asher felt sore and sick. He still went out to work as to not get punished, but he felt utterly misserable. Three days passed by when he saw his mother head up to the campcommander, where she received some bread. Confused, Asher confronted her about it. His mother looked at him judgingly. "Better you than Victoria," she had sneered at him and that's when he understood. His own mother had practically sold him for bread for her and Benedict. She was right though, better him than Victoria, but why? Why did this have to happen?

It became a weekly occurence, soon enough. Asher fantasized about just walking through the wall and getting out of there, but to what end? As soon as he was seen outside the fences the guards would shoot. There was no chance of survival. So once every week he found himself in the office of the campcommander at the mercy of said man. Truly, the guy was always friendly and when Asher asked him to feed his sister more, who had become sick again, he even agreed! Slowly, Asher started to think that maybe, just maybe, this guy wasn't so bad after all. Though he never went willingly, over time, it became easier.

In December 1944, Victoria caught pneumonia and because of her already weakened state, she eventually died. Asher was heartbroken. The one thing that really kept him moving was gone. To make matters worse, Asher was now called upon by the campcommander twice a week. On one such day, when he went to the office, he was met by the sight several luitenants and commanders who had been visiting Buchenwald. "Ah, kleine katze," the campcommander said in greeting. Then he turned towards his guests. "Das ist er, meine kleine katze..." The men grinned at the young boy, devilish gleams in their eyes. "Nehmen Sie ihn bitte." The men didn't hesitate for a second and grabbed a shaking Asher, roughly pushing him on the couch and ripping off his shirt. In the blink of an eye, there was white hot pain, before... Nothing.

Asher opened his eyes. He was naked and alone, sitting on the floor of his old house in Fairlight. He crossed his arms over his chest and bend over, his forehead touching the cold tiles, loud sobs leaving his throat. As it turned out, the house had been sold to an eldery couple who had quickly entered the kitchen to see where the sounds were coming from. To say they were startled to find a young, naked and bruised boy, so skinny, you could count each and every bone in his small body, was an understatement. The old man quickly grabbed a broom and demanded an answer to who the boy was. Terribly confused, but utterly relieved he was home, he started rambling his name and identification number in a mix of English and bad German. He started telling the elderly couple of where he had been and what had happened and about his poor sister Victoria and what the man had done to him. For hours on end, passing midnight, Asher continued sobbing and talking. The new owners of his old house had long ago wrapped him into a blanket and led him to a bed. They had fed him and shushed him until the crying boy finally fell asleep.

Asher had teleported, the old couple concluded after the boy had been with them for a few days and had been getting better. They knew of peculiar children, for their only son was one as well. He had passed away only a few months ago, defending their country. And so they decided to take care of Asher and took him in their home for the next few years. And though the War ended, it never quite did for Asher.

There were times where he would randomly and out of nowhere talk about the Buchenwald campcommander and how he had been a kind man. How the man had taken care of Asher and his sister. Sometimes Asher believed the man may have actually loved him. When these episodes happened, the boy, who had grown a few inches since they met him, would always be in somewhat of a dazed state. The elderly couple would usually try to snap him out of it by telling him the campcommander had been a bad man. The worst of the worst, who surely was not able to love. It worked, most of the time, but Asher usually ended up angry and leaving the room. Trying to protect their foster son against himself and the world, the three of them eventually agreed that it'd be best for Asher to go into a loop.

Asher spend the next few decades in several loops. Until he finally arrived at Inndyr.

father cain tolkien
dob 1895. pharmacist.
mother hannah tolkien-lee
dob 1899. devoted wife and mother.
brother noah tolkien
dob 1920. unknown.
sister grace tolkien
dob 1926. unknown.
sister victoria tolkien
dob 1935. died during confinement.
brother benedict tolkien
dob 1941. unknown.

+ Has a tattoo on the inside of his left forearm depicting the number '200988'. It's an identification number which was forcibly tattooed during his time in Auschwitz.

+ Asher has no idea if his siblings and parents survived the war.

+ Asher's strange behaviour regarding the campcommander of Buchenwald, was later diagnosed as a form of Stockholm Syndrome.

+ Asher is actually quite insecure about his physique and he oftentimes feels like his body is unattractive. He keeps a close eye on what he eats and though not regularly or even often, every now and again, Asher will purposely vomit up his stomach contents, to remain as skinny as possible.

+ Asher has, to this day, still not forgiven his mother.

+ Though born in a Christian family and having been baptized himself, Asher believes neither in God or the Devil. For if there was God, why did He abandon them during the Second World War? Asher sees no need to believe in something that abandons others in their greatest hour of need. He considers himself an Atheist.

+ Asher loves fashion and clothes. He owns a great variety of them and has no issue spending his money on more. He loves accessories and also frequently indulges in make-up.


tolkien. cha hakyeon. by ryann.


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pain pain 고통 따위 더 받아도 돼. 매일 찢기고 칼날에 베인다 해도
pain pain I can endure more pain. I can be ripped and cut by a sword but
너만 가지면 돼, 넌 가져야만 해
all I need is to have you, you need to have me
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Asher Tolkien
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