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15 oktober 2016

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 Lucent Thorne

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Lucent Thorne


PROFIELAantal berichten : 21
IC-berichten : 4
Registratiedatum : 04-03-17
Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Illusions
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 17

BerichtOnderwerp: Lucent Thorne   zo maa 05, 2017 9:54 pm


Age: 17
Peculiarity: Illusions
Parents: Grace Thorne & Aaron Thorne
Place of birth: London


Face claim: Pyper America Smith

Lucent is usually pretty calm and for her own comfort, likes to keep to herself. But at the same time she also dislikes being alone. She can come across as distant, maybe even cold, but this is merely what’s directly visible on the surface. If she feels more comfortable around someone, or is in a good mood, she is actually really friendly and caring, sometimes even goofy. However, she can also be pretty jealous if she finds someone she feels comfortable around. She might be friendly and considerate, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get angry, and whenever she gets angry, it’s very easy for her to get carried away and want to hurt others.

Lucent was never meant to be born, at least not as the child of Grace Smith and Aaron Thorne. But for some reason, it happened, a stupid mistake and Grace was pregnant. Forced by the expectations of their religious families, Grace and Aaron married and moved in together, deciding to keep the child. However, before Lucent was even born, it was already clear they weren’t going to be the parents a child need. Aaron didn’t truly love Grace, and thus was often away, cheating on her, coming back home with some bad excuse. Grace couldn’t handle this, and fell into a depression, blaming Lucent for their broken relationship. Aaron looked for a way to escape his fatherhood through drinking and other women.
As a result of this, Lucent was often victim to the mental, but later also physical abuse of both her mother and father.
For a long time, Lucent wasn’t aware of her ability to create illusions, it just happened to her, usually in the form of a person hidden in a cloak. Although she didn’t know who or what it was, it didn’t feel threatening, so Lucent ended up talking to the illusion, though it would never talk back. Her parents often overheard her talking to the illusion, which always vanished when they walked in. They thought she was crazy, which only made the situation worse. And so, Lucent looked for some way to cope with all of this, a way she found in food. Slowly, but surely, she started controlling the only things she felt she could control, her diet, exercise, and body. She noticed that as she spiraled further into it, the illusions, which she saw as her enemy, started going away, she would see the person less often, until it didn’t visit her anymore.
She would’ve faded away at some point, if it wasn’t for Noah, a boy who had moved to London for his father’s work. They met in the park, where she always went for a morning run. She still doesn’t know why she stopped when she passed him, why she stood there for a solid minute, staring at him, and postponed her morning run to sit with him for a while. It might’ve been a certain vibe around him, the way he laid there on the grass, carelessly, in the moment. Or it could’ve been that she was secretly hoping for him to notice her, to care. From that moment on, she saw him every day, and somehow, he was able to help her. He didn’t want her to destroy herself, so she decided not to, for him at first, but later also for herself.
As she got better, her illusions also started coming back, but because she had Noah, they weren’t the same as before, she started to notice a pattern between the illusions and her thoughts, and finally, after all these years, it clicked. She realized that these illusions were under her control, that she could make them. Her situation at home was still troubled, but she wasn’t alone anymore.
Lucent realized that bad times pass, but soon enough, she also realized good times pass as well. Noah’s father got a Job in Germany, Australia, and they had to move again, leaving Lucent on her own. For a month or two, she tried the best she could to handle it on her own, but she couldn’t. Falling back into old behaviors was tempting, but with Noah in the back of her mind, she tried her best not to relapse, but take matters into own hands, and run. One day, she just left and never came back. She used all the money she had to get out of England, and eventually wound up here.

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Momma Burd

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Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Ymbryne
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 34
Quote: Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings

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Lucent Thorne
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