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15 oktober 2016

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 [ Ragya Airon ]

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Ragya Airon


PROFIELAantal berichten : 46
IC-berichten : 7
Registratiedatum : 13-07-17
Leeftijd : 19
Accounts : Ragya Airon
Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Demon - Hellhound
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 20 years
Quote: There is a firefly loose tonight, better catch it before it burns this place down

BerichtOnderwerp: [ Ragya Airon ]    za jul 29, 2017 4:03 pm

When all else fails use fire

Full name: Rayata 'Angrboða Svaðilfari' Katarinadóttir Baltasardóttir
Name: Ragya Airon
Age: 20 | 405 demonic years (age of the soul, she doesn't affect anything)
Birthday: May 4, Taurus
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Faceclaim: Sonja Medovaja
Height: 1.60 m
Weight: 43 kg
Build: Small and fragile, underweight
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Pigmentless
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Scars: Burn wounds all over her body, an ugly knife scar on upper left shoulder, acid burn around her nek, gun wound under her left collarbone
Glasses/contacts: None
Distinguishing features: Pale skin, wings, freckles
Demeanor: Turns red/blushes very easily, very scarred and bruised, thin


Species: Hellhound
Height: 1.30 m
Build: Slender, agile
Coat colour: Mix of grey and brown, burned wood
Coat length: By neck, chest and tail long. The rest short.
Eye colour: Has no eyes but empty sockets, sometimes with a small red flame.
Scars: None visable
Other: Has a visable skull, ribs and growths from her spine.


Physical ailments: Lack of pigment, sensitive eyes and skin
Neurological ailments: Pyromaniac, PTSD, Bipolar 1 Disorder
Medication: Lithium, Fluoxentine, Olanzapine, Thorazine injection
Allergies: None
Current addictions: Coffee
Past addictions: None
Smoking: Occasionally
Drugs: None
Alcohol: Mild addiction


Pet peeves: Waiting, being called small, cute or helpless, needing to listen to someone, not being in charge, not being in control.
Bad habits: Setting things/people on fire, trying to hit people, being very easily addicted, being easy to take adventage off, running away from her problems, ignoring problems.
Good habits: Not succeeding in the above, gentle with most animals, works good on her own.
Fears: Spiders, drowning, the ocean, not being strong enough to protect herself or loved ones, failing.
Hopes and dreams: Being strong in any way, not feeling so alone and weak all the time, be stable.
Likes: Fire, coffee, high places, animals, drawing, fighting, winning, cold weather, traveling, feeding her adrenaline-junky behavior.
Dislikes: Spiders, deep bodies of water, hot weather, leaders, asking for help, following orders.
Turn ons: Dominance, confidence, being picked up/pushed against a wall, someone who can handle her, probably not anyone who will be good to her, gj rag.
Turn offs: Shy, overly friendly, nice guys, boddy, overprotective.
Character traits: Neutral, proud, stubborn, acts confident, fierce, sarcastic, sceptical, cold, short tempered, revengeful, a bit narcissistic, risk-taker, detached, impulsive, paranod, impatient, easily manipulated, quick acting, grumpy, agressive while having the strength of a chicken.


+ Can start and manipulate fire.
+ Can be used in both human and feral form.
+ Very fun to set things on fire, nice way to get through the day.
+ Fire doesn't hurt her.
- Can't manipulate the fire other people start with their own power.
- Can't control it fully, when she's angry, sad, or just at random it can act up.
- Sh*t is that tree on fire?
- Clothes aren't fire proof, learn that the hard way.

Shadow manipulation:
+ Natural demon thing. She can bend and use shadows.
+ Uses this only for a way of teleportation.
+ Shadows feel nice, nothing else, just feels nice to sit here. Also nice when your skin is so transparent as hers.
- No one learned her how to use this so she pretty much tries whatever to get it to work.
- To teleport the place you start needs to be in shadows just as the place where you want to go.
- You need to see the place clear in front of you and once reaching it you will feel as tired as walking there.
- If you don't do it right you pretty much just run into a wall when trying.

Hellhound shapeshifting:
+ She can turn into a hellhound at any time, this is her most comfortable form.
+ In this form she can see souls thanks to her species, doesn't do much except giving her a way to remember people more easily.
+ Has an instinct to protect magical creatures.
+ Her own soul is visible for everyone (red), so people can notice when she's upset/angry.
- Not everyone will use that to be nice and helpfull.
- As a demon she has a demonform, which is a hellhound for her. This means she isn't a fullblood hellhound.
- Is pretty much just a dog when it comes to instincts, she will do dog things a lot. You could even train her to act a certain way without her realising.
- Is a pet type of hellhound, making her depended of others, something she hates of herself.
- Might look scary but isn't impressive, she isn't strong at all and anyone who would want could win a fight with her.

+ Has wings in her human form only. They are brown, grey and black like her hellhound fur. Build slim and like those of a raven or blackbird for swift flying through forests.
+ They are very soft, great for sleeping with.
+ Can be used to slap people in the face.
- She can't fly with them, they are healthy but she can't lift herself in the air.
- Wings are heavy, her back hurts a lot.
- She gets stuck on stuff with them or trips over the ends.
- They are very sensitive by the base of the wings, which can be seen as a private spot.

Will be worked out later, but to make it short
- Ragya is born under the name Rayata in Iceland. Her mother died at birth thanks to the age of the time, her father took care of her.
- Her father, having close to the same powers at herself, raised her hard and believed hitting your child is pretty fine to do. He truely believed this was in his right, which fitted nicely with his already angry character.
- Ragya leaves her home on a young age, as her father returned to a lifestyle of doing who-ever while traveling. She came in contact with a small crime operation and helped them in exchange for food and shelter.
- This is where she spends most her life, fighting and finding out that you need to be strong to survive, something she now aims to be, thinking this is the only way to be happy. In this time she met a lot of people, dated some, broke up with some and got most of her scars starting fights which she could never win.
- Eventually she decides to travel again, wanting to use her skills she learned to live alone again, under her own rules. This is the time she found this place.


When all else fails, use fire
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Bijzonderheid: Hellhound
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 19
Quote: Feisty.

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: [ Ragya Airon ]    za jul 29, 2017 4:21 pm


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[ Ragya Airon ]
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