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Een gewone voorbijganger zal het niet merken, maar er is iets vreemds aan de hand met het rode gebouwtje bovenop de kliffen in het kleine kustdorpje... Wat op het eerste gezicht een normale vuurtoren lijkt, vormt namelijk de ingang tot de tijdslus van Miss Bluebonnet. Niet iedereen kan de zich steeds herhalende dag in juli van 2011 binnentreden. Enkel zij die drager zijn van een recessief gen dat zich in hun DNA heeft gemanifesteerd en wat door hun aderen stroomt, zullen toegang krijgen tot de lus. Zij beschikken over een gave. Hun 'bijzonderheid' maakt het dagelijks leven voor hun niet gemakkelijk, en er ligt constant gevaar op de loer... Lees verder!

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15 oktober 2016

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 Freyja Lothbrok

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Freyja Lothbrok


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Quote: If you can't lay 'em, slay 'em

BerichtOnderwerp: Freyja Lothbrok   wo aug 23, 2017 8:56 pm

If you can't lay 'em, slay 'em
Name: Freyja Lothbrok
Age:  19
Real age: 19
Gender: Female
DOB: Unknown
POB: Stavanger, Norway
Sexuality: Undefined

F A M I L Y   T I E S
Freyja never got a family of her own. What happened to her relatives she doesn’t know. During her childhood she went from foster home to foster home until she came of age. For all she knows she has no relatives.

Freya is 173 cm tall. She has a slim built. She has dark brown hair and has light brown eyes. She has a five tattoos on her upper body, and on her lower back there are scars from the time she was lashed by one of her foster parents. Over her whole body she has minor scars since she has been in many abusive families.

She always lived in solitary even when she was with a foster family. She was the silent type, kept mostly to herself just to stay out of trouble with the family. Freyja never stayed longer than a week with a family. Therefor she has no idea about how family love really feels. But she is a problem seeker, when she is on her own or maybe trouble finds her who knows.
Atletic, Calm, Discreet, Independent, Modest, Honest
Pure, Stubborn, Wanderer
Clumsy, Cautious, Insecure, Naïve, Provocative, Repressed

There is no recall of when the girl was born, or how she even got in the foster system. As said, she has been in many families over the years one more abusive then the other. These are the things she doesn’t like to talk about. She was repressed by her foster families, was always seen as the lesser kid. As the one who doesn’t belong anywhere. In the schools she had visited she never made many friends, Freyja has always been the outsider for as long as she can remember. That mostly the fathers that she had where aggressive due to drinking, drugs and for some it was just how they were. When she was five she suffered a minor concussion because one of her brothers pushed her of the stairs, where she then was kicked in the head by the father because she made too much noise. Maybe it was because of her, because her peculiarity was already active in her body that she caused so much aggression in the families where she landed, but it could’ve been something else too. She’d never know. Years and families passed further, more trips to the hospital followed but no one assumed a thing. So the girl started to think that it really was her fault which made here even more silent then she already was.

At the age of 14, she became more of a rebel started going out on the streets in the middle of the night, didn’t even came home that often anymore so child services eventually dropped her and her case. That was the moment she really was left with nothing. She slept under bridges or in allies, stole food whenever she was hungry and no one even seemed to care.

By the time she discovered the loop, she was basically a wild child. She even lived in the cold woods now. In the towns she was called the wolf girl, mostly because she was a scavenger. She stole everything she could find, she lived in complete solitary. Her clothes were all ragged up since the town she was most close too didn’t have anything of a real clothing store. So by the time someone who was going in the loop themselves found her she was so scared to trust the person. But due to here naivety and the fact that the person gave her food she entered the loop together with the stranger she never saw back. She has been around in the loop for 6 months now.

N O R S E    D E I TY > G O D D E S    F R E Y J A
Freyja is a shaman, she has both the ability and knowledge to perceive the spirits and their effects. She can also contact and manipulate them by forcing them to abide or through bargaining. One of the things she uses to locate the spirits or persons is by using clairvoyance, she can gain direct information even when she can’t use her eyesight. So she can sense/see or hear both spiritual and psychic beings and perceive emotions; thoughts and memories. Mainly this happens due to the fact that Freyja can link herself to other persons and their vision. By sensing the spirits and their effects we mean that Freyja can see overlapping dimensions and the creatures that inhabit them. Another thing is that due to the spirits she can sense it when death is coming to someone. This happens by visions that come to her, those visions are mostly the names and lifespans of the person regarding. This is a part of her necromancy trait too. The girl can manipulate the dead, which means she can resurrect them for both good and evil. She can communicate with the dead due to this gift. She  also has the gift to induce chaos or even war. Which results to the fact that she can induce people’s feelings if they are mad or annoyed by one another and create fights or even worse.

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Quote: You make my weakness less weak. You make my crazy feel normal. You are the who. Love is the what. And this is the why. This is why I need you.

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X NEW THEME Thanks Sammy! X
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Freyja Lothbrok
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