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Een gewone voorbijganger zal het niet merken, maar er is iets vreemds aan de hand met het rode gebouwtje bovenop de kliffen in het kleine kustdorpje... Wat op het eerste gezicht een normale vuurtoren lijkt, vormt namelijk de ingang tot de tijdslus van Miss Bluebonnet. Niet iedereen kan de zich steeds herhalende dag in juli van 2011 binnentreden. Enkel zij die drager zijn van een recessief gen dat zich in hun DNA heeft gemanifesteerd en wat door hun aderen stroomt, zullen toegang krijgen tot de lus. Zij beschikken over een gave. Hun 'bijzonderheid' maakt het dagelijks leven voor hun niet gemakkelijk, en er ligt constant gevaar op de loer... Lees verder!

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Alle codes, teksten en afbeeldingen behoren tot de rechtmatige eigenaar of eigenaresse en mogen daarom nooit zonder toestemming gekopieerd of overgenomen worden. De site is gecodeerd en vormgegeven door Vera en wordt gehost op Actieforum. Het idee van deze RPG is gebasseerd op de boekenreeks Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculair Children van Ransom Riggs. Dit forum is getest in de volgende browsers:

15 oktober 2016

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 Judas Brazeal

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Judas Brazeal


PROFIELAantal berichten : 42
IC-berichten : 9
Registratiedatum : 03-09-17
Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Beast, Portal Creation
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 19

BerichtOnderwerp: Judas Brazeal   zo sep 03, 2017 7:10 pm

Judas Brazeal
full name: Judas Brazeal
nicknames/aliases: Judas
age: 19
real age: 41
DOB: 3/09
POB: Unknown
gender: Male
pronouns: He/him
sexual orientation: Undefined
faceclaim: Alex Pettyfer
height: 181cm
weight: 79
build: Athletic
hair colour: Blonde/Brown
eye colour: Green
distinguishing features: Eyes, smile, tattoos
smoking: Yes
drugs: Nope
alcohol: Yes
fears: Not protecting enough, losing his friends
likes:Food, his mates, drinking, pop corn
dislikes:High pitch noises, stinking smells
Judas is a real wild child. He enjoys everything in life, and lives it to the fullest. He isn’t scared to take risks. Occasionally he loves drinking a good scotch. But he is an emotional type too. He can become very aggressive too, which is visible when he is in his beast form. The aggression is a real problem for Judas but he can’t do anything about it.  

Judas is an iso. Which means he also comes from the digital world where Rinzler comes from. Iso’s where a species that appeared out of nowhere in the digital world. They aren’t programmed, and therefore they are brighter than the regular Programs. His parents are called Mary and John, not that he knew them very long cause they were killed by Clu.

1 - 10
> Parents killed when he was 4
> His uncle, Joe took him in and trained him to create portals.
> He had to move a lot with John because Clu was looking for them.
> When he was 5, he discovered he was a beast due to the fact that he became very angry.
> Uncle Joe kept training him in creating portals, getting to know his other peculiar and fighting.
> Fights occurred between them and the army
> His uncle got detained when he was around 8
> A friend called Taylor started to care for him
> Judas made a lot of friends with other Programs who needed protection
> He was known as the protector

10- 19
> Age 12; he began to start dating others. He fell in love a few times.
> Somewhere along the line he got to know Rinzler, they soon became best friends
> Nothing changed in the digital world Clu still ran the whole place.
> There was more time for a little fun tho since Rinzler appeared.
> He didn’t see the next and biggest fight come.
> They fought together until the very end.
> Judas didn’t believe there was any way they could win.
> He opened a portal, and pushed Rinzler through it.
> He created another one for himself and portaled in to Sweden.
> It took 3 and a half months before he found the loop, or the place where he send Rinzler too.
> Currently in the loop
Judas has more power in himself then any Olympian ever had. He can tear off car doors and snapping the neck of people without breaking a sweat in his normal form. Due to his super human strength his muscles are stronger and there for he can jump higher and his impact is stronger when he is in his beast form. In his beast form he also has super human speed which makes him appear as he blur when he is running. Judas his cells due to the presence of transgenes, he can heal his own wounds at a far greater speed then any normal person. So his cells rapidly generate. And he can withstand high amounts of pain. With those transgenic genes and the presence of animal DNA, his senses are heightened. So a few examples of this; he can see someone on top of a building as if they were standing before him. He can also look in to one other dimension: the digital world. His hearing extends to him hearing conversations in other people’s rooms. With his smelling, he can trace people if they leave blood or something else behind. Due to his gift of being a beast he becomes more savage and aggressive, and even more in his beast form. So it is safe to say that Judas had an aggression problem.
So his actual beast form isn’t actually a beast itself. Here are three photos of how he looks. 1 & 2&3 The lines follow his whole body, whereto the silver markings only extend to his face. But his nails do get a more beastly type of fangs.

P O R T A L   C R E A T I O N
User can open a hole in the universe connecting two non adjacent locations. This may be done in a very neat manner, such as connecting two doorways in the universe, or it may be done very sloppily like breaking a rift in the space time continuum.
Judas. 21.Caro.
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Zeal Dreyar
Deactivated Fuckboy
Deactivated Fuckboy

PROFIELAantal berichten : 855
IC-berichten : 283
Registratiedatum : 20-12-16
Leeftijd : 21
Accounts : ~Zeal, Tissa, Haythel, Jinn, Elesis, JR, Seji, Gerome, Namida, Link, Jeremy, Penelope, Laxus, Jake, Jackie
Character sheet
Bijzonderheid: Electricity
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 20 years
Quote: You make my weakness less weak. You make my crazy feel normal. You are the who. Love is the what. And this is the why. This is why I need you.

BerichtOnderwerp: Re: Judas Brazeal   zo sep 03, 2017 7:12 pm

SEXY ASS BICH AAAAH melting melting melting


X NEW THEME Thanks Sammy! X
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Judas Brazeal
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