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Een gewone voorbijganger zal het niet merken, maar er is iets vreemds aan de hand met het rode gebouwtje bovenop de kliffen in het kleine kustdorpje... Wat op het eerste gezicht een normale vuurtoren lijkt, vormt namelijk de ingang tot de tijdslus van Miss Bluebonnet. Niet iedereen kan de zich steeds herhalende dag in juli van 2011 binnentreden. Enkel zij die drager zijn van een recessief gen dat zich in hun DNA heeft gemanifesteerd en wat door hun aderen stroomt, zullen toegang krijgen tot de lus. Zij beschikken over een gave. Hun 'bijzonderheid' maakt het dagelijks leven voor hun niet gemakkelijk, en er ligt constant gevaar op de loer... Lees verder!

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15 oktober 2016

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 Abaddon Chevalier †

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Abaddon Chevalier
British hot like wow
British hot like wow
Abaddon Chevalier

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*Melvin Syco
*Heath Benton
*Sata Syco
*Alec Lund
*Abaddon Chevalier
*Claire Beckworth
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Quote: While all dogs go to heaven, you'll be surprised how many pigs are waiting for you in Hell.

BerichtOnderwerp: Abaddon Chevalier †   di okt 03, 2017 8:23 pm

Abaddon Chevalier
Name; Abaddon Chevalier
Nicknames; Addie, Donnie
Physical Age; 20
Real Age; 1253 years old
Gender; Male
Birth Place; Somewhere in Britain

Sexuality; Bi-sexual
Status; Single af
With; -

Hair colour; Black
Hair Length; Normal
Length; 1m91
Body Posture; Hot af
Eye colour; Brown
Abaddon is a very tall, dashingly-handsome, dark-haired man who often sports similarly dark suits. He also has a sophisticated English accent, which people usually find "charming". However he has two major scars on his back through an accident.
Faceclaim; Tom Ellis

Parents; Unknown
Siblings; Unknown
Children; Prob has a lot
Other family; Unknown

Lucifer cannot be killed, as seen when he is shot multiple times, but is still alive and feels far less pain than a human would. He doesn’t bleed. The only ‘place’ when his immortality is low / gone, is when he is nearby the person he loves. Which is very rare. He’ll be able to bleed and if he’s shot while being nearby the person he loves he’ll be able to die.
Desire Exhibition
Abaddon's mere presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their true nature, their darkest secrets and desires, such as when he notably has a cop to confess his desire to be free of the law. This allows Abaddon to make Faustian deals with various people in exchange for favors from them.
Temptation Inducement
Abaddon, being highly sexual, can easily make himself carnally irresistible to most human woman and men, which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them. However some select few people seem to be more resistant to this power, at least to an extent.
The white in his eyes can turn to black and his iris can be seen as flames burning inside. It’s believed that he’s a demon working for hell and in the moment people see those eyes saw 'hell'

Also known as “Skills”
Master Of Manipulation/Deception
One of Abaddon's most well-known traits is using his knowledge of people to make them do things in his best interests. Using his reputation of not lying, Abaddon tricks people by not saying what he will do. This makes him extremely unpredictable.
Abaddon has shown to be a remarkably talented singer.
Master Hand to Hand Combatant
Despite usually defeating his enemies through manipulation and deceit, Abaddon is a very skilled and good hand-to-hand combatant. Abaddon's style is reflected in his personality; manipulating his opponents moves and weapons against them and their allies.
Abaddon is able to get out of handcuffs, escape locked cars, and get into places. He trained a lot for this which makes it his special skill. It has nothing to do with his peculiarty.

Smooth, handsome, charming, witty and fully aware of it, Abaddon carries himself with an air of supreme confidence (at times, pure arrogance) which is due in part to his vast supernatural powers such as his indestructibility, immortality and his knack for compelling humans to spill their secrets to him. Because of this, Abaddon is always sure of success in whatever he does, regardless of whatever obstacles are in his way, and fears no consequences. On the rare occasions where he fails to get what he is after, Abaddon usually displays remarkable temper control, often viewing such happenings with amusement and curiosity rather than frustration, likely another byproduct of his immortality and omnipotence. It takes a great personal attack to actually enrage Abaddon and when this happens, he immediately (and sadistically) unleashes his full, hell-fired fury on the one responsible, all with a vicious smile on his face.
Being a celestial immortal being who has been alive since the dawn of time, Abaddon 's perspective of life is vast and as such, sees human lives as ephemeral as memories and holds little value to him, considering from his point of view a human lifetime seems inconsequential (with notable exceptions). Therefore, he never hurries or runs when chasing his prey.
Abaddon is completely out of step with the social norms and societal rules of humans (or, more likely, he simply chooses to ignore them). As a result, Abaddon tends to be brutally honest with every human he comes across, and enjoys acting inappropriately in any situation, regardless of the circumstances. Humans, typically perceive Abaddon as sarcastic, rude, boorish, insensitive, completely inappropriate, arrogant and incredibly irritating, even though they feel compelled to tell him their darkest secrets, due to his powers of coercion.
Abaddon is obsessed with sex, as most human women and men find him carnally irresistible, which he sometimes uses to his advantage when he strikes deals with them.
Despite his flaws, Abaddon is very loyal, cares about certain people, and even shows quite a bit of remorse for the mistakes he made.

  • Abaddon was born more than 1200 years ago. His mother, who didn’t wanted to be pregnant with him, named him after the devil: ‘Abaddon’.
  • He had four other brothers, he was dad’s favourite.
  • He went the wrong ‘way’ involving himself with bad people. His dad threw him out of the house.
  • From this part it isn’t clear for him, he doesn’t remember anything from this point. He woke up with scars on his back, all healed. This was the point he got his peculiarty, as a demon from hell.
  • In the end he moved to the loop of Bluebonnet, curious about those other people with a ‘peculiarty’. That’s why he decided to move to the loop of miss Bluebonnet.

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Momma Burd
Louise Bluebonnet

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Profiel bekijken http://peculiarchildren.actieforum.com/t10-louise-catherine-left
Abaddon Chevalier †
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