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Een gewone voorbijganger zal het niet merken, maar er is iets vreemds aan de hand met het rode gebouwtje bovenop de kliffen in het kleine kustdorpje... Wat op het eerste gezicht een normale vuurtoren lijkt, vormt namelijk de ingang tot de tijdslus van Miss Bluebonnet. Niet iedereen kan de zich steeds herhalende dag in juli van 2011 binnentreden. Enkel zij die drager zijn van een recessief gen dat zich in hun DNA heeft gemanifesteerd en wat door hun aderen stroomt, zullen toegang krijgen tot de lus. Zij beschikken over een gave. Hun 'bijzonderheid' maakt het dagelijks leven voor hun niet gemakkelijk, en er ligt constant gevaar op de loer... Lees verder!

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15 oktober 2016

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 Claire Beckworth

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Claire Beckworth

Claire Beckworth

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Accounts :
*Melvin Syco
*Heath Benton
*Sata Syco
*Alec Lund
*Abaddon Chevalier
*Claire Beckworth
Character sheet
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 21

BerichtOnderwerp: Claire Beckworth   vr nov 10, 2017 11:35 pm

Claire Beckworth
Name; Claire Beckworth
Nicknames; Unknown
Physical Age; 21
Real Age; 21
Gender; Female
Birth Place; Pershore - England

Sexuality; Straight
Status; Single
With; x

Hair colour; Dark blonde
Hair Length; See picture
Length; 1m67
Body Posture; Slim
Eye colour; Green
Faceclaim; Lauren German

Parents; Dad died, mom is an actress
Siblings; x
Children; x
Other family; x

Miasma Emission
also known as: Gas Exudation, Miasma breathing & Toxic spraying
User can exude toxic gases, causing various effects on others who inhale these fumes including hyper stimulation, lethargy, coma. Because gas diffuses indefinitely in concentration, it becomes less potent and less concentrated once it has expanded. She has two different types of gas she can use.
Chlorine Gas Generation: The power to exhale chlorine gas instead of Carbon Dioxide
Nerve gas generation: The power to generate nerve gas, in which they are immune to. Inhalation of this gas causes subjects to have pupil contraction, convulsions, involuntary evacuation and seized respiratory system.

Claire is a very uptight and by-the-books person. She always follows the rules when there are rules. This is thanks to her cop-side, where she followed the law. Thanks to this it’s hard for her to make friends, especially because she’s so uptight. She doesn’t go out for drinks, won’t break the law (or in this case: rules) and is actually too awkward to make friends. She doesn’t really know how to make friends, since she never really had them. Especially when she started her acting carrier. With her reputation, from that one movie, she got recognized as ‘that-girl-who-showed-her-breasts-in-a-movie’ girl. She’s straight forward, uptight and a bit awkward. But she is loyal, trust worthy and wants to serve justice.
Claire's father was a detective, while her mother was a second-rate actress. When she was around twelve years old she started to notice that sometimes people would react strange to her, as they started to breath weird while saying that there’s a weird smell, while Claire didn’t notice a thing. After a while she started thinking that she could be the problem and started to wear a face mask (only around her nose and mouth) to protect other people from the gasses from her mouth. This was until she thought it was under control, which was until her 16th As a teenager, Claire had a role in a low-budget movie, in which she appears topless. She gained some very minor fame for the role. Unfortunately, her father died two weeks later when she was 19. While leaving the funeral a paparazzo took it upon himself to break into the funeral and take pictures of Claire. In return, Claire punched his camera, breaking the lens. Claire then gave up acting and decided to become a police officer like her father.

But her gifts became harder and harder to control, making her anxious about what would happen when people find out that she had a gift and afraid of hurting (or even kill) people. This was pretty hard for her. When she wasn’t sure about containing her powers she went to the loop of miss. Bluebonnet. She left the police station with pain in her heart, but knowing this was the best decision for her to make, she went with her chin up high to her new home.

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Zeal Dreyar
Deactivated Fuckboy
Deactivated Fuckboy
Zeal Dreyar

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Bijzonderheid: Electricity
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 20 years
Quote: You make my weakness less weak. You make my crazy feel normal. You are the who. Love is the what. And this is the why. This is why I need you.

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X NEW THEME Thanks Sammy! X
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Claire Beckworth
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