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15 oktober 2016

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 ☾Madzie Rouse☽

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Madzie Rouse


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Accounts : -Nuala Doherty
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Bijzonderheid: Warlock
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 4

BerichtOnderwerp: ☾Madzie Rouse☽    zo nov 26, 2017 7:20 pm

☾Name Madzie Rouse
☾Date of Birth Somewhere in early 2013
☾Nickname None yet
☾Appearance Four years old
☾Age Four years old
☾Gender Female ♀
☾Sexuality Unknown
☾Gift Warlock
☾Warlock Mark Gills
☾Face Claim Ariana Williams

☾Shy Madzie is a very young and shy Warlock. She is not one to talk on and on, or even act playfully like a child. She has some kind of serious power emerging from her and does seem to take most things in stride. Though Madzie does speak up when she thinks her Nana, Iris Rouse has to behave herself. Somehow it seems like the young Warlock knows the dangers of being one of her kind. Though she won't be able to put it to words. Madzie is probably one that takes most things in stride and reads into the actions of those surrounding here. She is even though she is shy a brave and curious kid.

☾Sweet Madzie is a sweet child, and able to find a positive in most things. Even though her life at Iris' house isn't an enviroment you normally would which a child at, it seems that she still has some of the childish innocence left in her. Which means that she will still interact with people on a certain level as a child.

☾Dark Madzie does not seem to be creeped out by someone that has mutiple scars or looks dangerous. Instead it seems to be as if Madzie feels comfortable around them and does not wish to hide from them. It might be because of the fact that she is only half human and her other half consists of demon blood. Though whatever the reason, you won't see her scared because of scars, monsterous appearances or blood. Besides that Madzie can if she is manipulated kill people with the help of her Warlock Mark, the gills.

☾Light Since Madzie is a powerful Warlock, at least  for her age, she has the power to help people as well as doing them any harm. If one is close to her heart or she remembers them as a kind person, she shall protect them against other powers or even herself if she feels the need to use her gills. This means that she has the possibility of becoming a well respected Warlock later on in life. Once she learns the good from the wrong.

Madzie Rouse is known to be born somewhere in the early months of 2013. Though no one really knows when exactly she was born. Except for her Godmother Iris Rouse. Iris is also a Warlock, one that has her mind set on saving her kind from extinction. Because of that she experiments with Demons and tries to get women pregnant from them. Which shall mean that the children that are born will be Warlocks. Who the real mother of Madzie is, is unknown. It might be that she died during or short after the pregnancy or that something else happened. No matter which case, Iris Rouse the creator of Madzie kept her under her care and is called Nana by the young girl. Madzie isn't the only one that is born under Iris' experiments and roof, though she appears to be the oldest.

Madzie seems to be a strong young Warlock and even though Iris is one that is corrupted by her thoughts of saving their kind, it seems as if the woman has a soft spot for Madzie. Which means that Madzie seemingly grew up under a loving roof. Though she hasn't learned to keep the wrong from right and seems to be fascinated by things that normal children would run from. Her short four years of life, are nothing special and out of the ordinary though Madzie doesn't meet much Warlocks and other people and seems to be mostly on her own with Iris or with the other Warlocks her Godmother created.

While her Godmother gets caught on her schemes, young Madzie leaves the house and gets lost on the streets. Since both Iris and she were on a short travel, away from home. She remains alone on the streets in Norway. It doesn't take long for the young child to stumble upon the loop of Miss Bluebonnet. The rest of her story remains to be seen.

Madzie's gift is that of being a Warlock. A Warlock is a being that is created when a Demon and a Human get a child. That child will be different from normal children, something that is seen by the display of power and the Warlock's Mark. Madzie's Mark are Gills. Those Gills are mostly hidden by the shawls she wears, though one can see them when those shalls are moved away or when she moves her neck a little to much. Most Warlocks learn how to use glamor, which hides their Mark from humans' eyes. Madzie hasn't learned that yet, which means that one can see her Mark easily if she doesn't hide it with her clothes.

A Warlock is a being that projects a lot of magic, this magic can be used for something good or something that one will not actually comfirm to be good. The color of her magic when used is blueish, but some might say it is white. Madzie already has been seen to be able to create portals, and use freezing spells. Though it still remains to be seen how the young powerful Warlock will improve her gift.

Being a Warlock means that one is immortal and will be able to life a long life if one is not killed. Other then being able to use magic and have a long life, Madzie is also gifted with her Gills. Those she can use for something that is called  "Oxygen vacuum" which means that little Madzie uses her gills to absorb all the oxygen from the air around her and with it suffocates people.

☾Immortal As a warlock, Madzie has been granted immortality. Madzie may still physically age as she is still very young.
☾Magic As a warlock, Madzie has access to magic. She is powerful for her age.
☾Gills Her warlock mark -the gills on either side of her neck-grants her the ability to absorb oxygen from the air around her, suffocating the people in her vicinity.

☾Godmother Iris Rouse

☾Her Residence was Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC.
☾She loves ice cream.

♥ Isa
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BerichtOnderwerp: Re: ☾Madzie Rouse☽    di dec 05, 2017 5:24 pm


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☾Madzie Rouse☽
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