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15 oktober 2016

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 Amaris Collins

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Amaris Collins


PROFIELAantal berichten : 46
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Registratiedatum : 21-03-17
Accounts :
- Nuala Doherty
- Sayuri Davies
- Amaris Collins
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Bijzonderheid: ☪Deity Density
Uiterlijke leeftijd: ☪14 Years
Quote: ❝All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.❞

BerichtOnderwerp: Amaris Collins    wo maa 22, 2017 4:05 pm

❝Although Nature needs thousands or millions of years to create a new species, man needs only a few dozen years to destroy one.❞

☪NAME Amaris Violet Collins
☪DATE OF BIRTH 2002/26/06
☪PLACE OF BIRTH Boston, Massachusetts [America]
☪NICKNAME Artemis, Ari, Amar
☪ALIASES Black Panther, The Chaser
☪AGE Fourteen
☪GENDER Female
☪SEXUALITY Heterosexual
☪GIFT Deity Density


☪Naive Amaris had a different point of view to much things in the world. She might seem a little naive, when she speaks about her "family". In such a way that she doesn't see the reality of their actions as black and white. She understands why her gang members, who where and are also peculiar people, or close relatives to them, are doing anything wrong by punishing people like her father. After all they were hurt by them and the Police and other agencies didn't do anything for them.

☪Stubborn If Amaris feels that she is right, she is right and no one can make her think otherwise. She also had to be a bit stubborn to survive in the circumstances that she did. After all living with a gang for a few years isn't exactly safe. She had to stand her own ground to survive and made the others quite clear that she isn't scared to give them a taste of their own medicine. She also had one of the stronger gifts, which gave her a great benefit over the others. She might have been the youngest but she knew how to survive.

☪Fighter If someone is a fighter, than Amaris is. She isn't afraid to kick and hit someone if they say or do something she doesn't like. She has learned of to fight dirty and doesn't mind a little pain. A bruise or bleeding wound won't hold her back. If you get on her wrong side, you will sure notice. She will give you a thing or two to think about. Besides that, her gift makes her hit stronger than someone of her age normally is able to do.

☪Outgoing Amaris isn't exactly known to be shy. She is incredibly straightforward. If you hurt her new family, she will hurt you. If you do something to someone she loves, she will pick up a fight. She has a bit of violent language. She can berate people older than her without even giving any sign of embarrassment.

☪Faceclaim Alisha Newton
☪Hair She has warm brown hair, a bit at the dark side with soft curls. Sometimes she even wears it straight.
☪Eyes She has dark brown expressive eyes.
☪Ears Her ears are normal, just gracefully shaped.
☪Nose Her nose is a little roundish and the exact right size.
☪Mouth She hasn't got a overly small or large mouth. Just normal, but she has cute dimples on her cheeks.

☪Length 1,63 m
☪Weight 51 kilograms
☪Build Small and gracefull

☪Style Amaris can be seen wearing lots of dark clothes, while she sometimes likes to wear a bit of color. She doesn't like to be seen as a softy which is also easy to see in the way she wears them.

Amaris was born only eleven months after her brother Nimbus and two years after her brother Niff. Her parents are both scientists, one works in a lab while the other works with certain secret experiments. Those experiments have lots to do with peculiar gifts. While Amaris has a peculiar gift, she never really experienced it. It was hidden for many years before coming to expression one day. On that one day, she for certain hadn't expected to find out about her peculiarity. While she knew what it was, in scientific expressions, she never looked a peculiar child or adult in the eyes. She had never seen them, only heard of them from her parents. Both who were keen on finding the differences in DNA and RNA in peculiar people. They wanted to understand the mutations, or that is how they viewed it. Many people believed and still believe that some people with that DNA are dangerous. Not all gifts are exactly safe, some of them can cause great danger to happen. It was her fathers job to find a medication to keep those dangerous peculiarities in check. That medication had to interrupt the connection of the gift inside the body of the peculiar beings. While some of the peculiar people didn't mind being tested on, there were still enough people to greatly dislike it.

After all the first attempts failed, not totally but enough to raise awareness and cautious behavior. The people who got tested with it, were captive in their bodies. Unresponsive to everyone around them. Some almost looked like comatose people. While her father didn't exactly show her those people, Amaris had heard about it on the news. In the beginning she didn't feel like it was that bad, after all it was to protect the normal humans, wasn't it? She didn't know everything about peculiar people and just assumed that her hero, her father wouldn't hurt innocent beings.

But god, she was wrong. The day she was visiting her father on his work, some of those peculiar people broke out. They got aggressive from the pain and medication they were on. Something went totally wrong and they attacked her and her father. Amaris wasn't able to turn towards her father but did something that only someone with a peculiarity could do. She changed her density. Suddenly she was floating in the air, her body seemingly thinner and out of reach of those aggressive peculiar adults. However she still managed to get some large bruises onto her body. Luckily for her those adults did calm down after a few minutes, tired and exhausted from the stress that had interrupted their normal system. Her father was unconscious and even had a few broken bones to deal with. Amaris however didn't stay for long, she immediately ran away from her home. From her father, because she knew that their was a high change that her father had noticed her peculiarity and she didn't want to become something other than his daughter.

After she walked away she was member of some gangs, in which she used the Aliases "Black Panther" and "The Chaser". She never really acted in a crime, but she knew about some crimes that are on the brink of evil. All the while she accepted the other gang members as her new family and would go to the end of the world for them. They are the ones that took her in when she was to young to survive alone on the streets. While she did some things she is not that proud of, like stealing and pick-pocketing, she never hurt anyone while doing so. It is not exactly legal but as a young person on the cold and lonely streets, it is a way of surviving harsh times.

This was her life after she turned twelve, before that she lived happily in her families' home. Had two cat's and one dog and loved playing and frolicking with her brothers. They were quite close, the three of them. Maybe because their wasn't a large age-gap. Only a little over two years between the oldest and the youngest. She also had a great bond with her parents, even though they didn't always see eye to eye. At that time she was innocent and didn't know the harsh reality of the world, and now she does...

Density is first of all to be explained with a few scientific formulas. One of those is ρ=m/V in which ρ is calculated in kg/m3. Rho as this sign is called, is a sign for density. V is shortened for volume, which is given in m3, and m is shortened for mass which is given in kg. With this you can also understand the relationship between mass, volume and density. This is needed to understand Amaris’ gift.
Every object has its own density. This allows scientists to be able to determine a certain substance with its mass and volume. If they divide the mass through its volume they will get the density. Which will match with a known substance. For example iron has a known density of 7860 kg/m3. If a tested object has a density of 7860 kg/m3 scientists will then know it is iron. The same goes for every substance.
Amaris is able to change the density of objects and even of living beings, known as organism.

This means that her gift works on molecule level. The connection between the molecules changes, which allow her to press them closer together or further apart. In such a way that the density changes as well, as the mass. It can be quite dangerous to do so especially in humans and other living beings, cause their volume remains the same. She can actually kill someone when she changes the molecules to much and increases the density. With objects it isn't that dangerous, it can in reality help her to escape from tense and dangerous situations.

She however is able to survive a large increase of density and mass, cause her body heals fast enough for that. Instead of bursting when her mass increases that fast, she will grow a little in volume. Just enough to keep her body intact. She can also lower her density in which she is able to move in a different way. If she lowers her density enough she might even be able to walk through certain things like walls. Even though she has never tried it yet. It also gives her a certain benefit on her enemies. She can hide from them and protect her body by increasing or decreasing her mass and if she needs to she can let their body burst, if she does so it will seem as if some horror event took place.

Amaris however never has done such a thing, since she feels quite responsible of her own actions. However she has a bad side, in which she can hurt other beings. She might seem a bit like a lone wolf. In need of a pack, but not letting it get to her. The strength she gets from her gift, is something that she trust upon more often then not. After all she is used to some street fights, and wouldn't have survived as many of them, without serious injuries if she didn't use her gift a little. Amaris is also able to float or let others float a little because of the effect her gift has on gravity. After all the mass changes and with that the force that gravity has on an object or body.
Fgravity= m * g
In which m is mass and g is the gravitational constant. The gravitational constant is different on every planet and even on certain parts on Earth. In the Netherlands the gravitational constant is somewhere around 9,81 m/s2

☪Recap Amaris is able to change density and with that has the ability to increase and decrease mass of objects and living beings. Besides that her ability has also an effect on gravity. By increasing or decreasing the mass, she will also decrease or increase gravity.


☪Mother Kyra Romey Collins-Harrison
☪Father Charles Eric Collins
☪Older brother Niff Adam Collins
☪Older brother Nimbus Simon Collins


☪ Amaris' name means "child of the moon". Her parents did name all their children after the skies. Her oldest brother is named after the sky, her other brother is named after a rain cloud.

☪Amaris is really suspicious towards other peculiar people, this however isn't exactly noticable. She tries to hide in the crowd a lot.

☪Amaris still feels somehow bad from walking away from her home, even though she acts all sturdy, she in fact isn't.

☪Amaris had friends who aren't exactly innocent, even though she believes they are. Call her naive but she knows what happened to them and does believe that they have every right to do as they did.

☪Amaris secretly misses her family, mostly her brothers even though she doesn't dare to re-connect with them. She acts brave and doesn't talk about them. They are her living secret.

☪Amaris is outgoing towards most people, even though she is naturally shy. Her life in a few gangs learned her to stand strong and never quiver at anything. It might seem as if she is a little cold-hearted. While she just learned how to survive.



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Quote: Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings

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Amaris Collins
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