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15 oktober 2016

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 Killa Kovic

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Killa Kovic


PROFIELAantal berichten : 29
IC-berichten : 20
Registratiedatum : 08-03-17
Leeftijd : 21
Accounts : ~Killa, Haythel, Jinn, Elesis, Tissa, Laxus, Amber, JR, Seji
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Bijzonderheid: The Death
Uiterlijke leeftijd: 19
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BerichtOnderwerp: Killa Kovic   wo maa 08, 2017 11:16 am

Killa Kovic

g e n e r a l
Name: Killa Kovic
Nickname: Killer, Kill
Real age:128
Peculiarity: Death
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Parents: Pien (mother), Loic(father)
Siblings: Kato (older brother), Nils (younger brother) and Enya (younger sister)
Partner: Rajaion
PoB: Romenia
DoB: 4th May
Blood Type: AB

a p p e a r a n c e
Picture:Silhouette, Eyes
Face claim: x
Description: Killa has black, thin hair. She has poison green eyes. She mostly wears black clothes. She’s very pale and is 1.66 m tall.

p e r s o n a l i t y
Personality: People who do not know Killa very well, will probably call her a bit of a psychopath. She likes to scare people with her strange behaviour. She mostly acts like some sort of witch, along with strange sounds and sudden change in emotions. It goes well with her black hair and pale skin. She mostly scares people of when she’s bored. Obviously she’s not really ‘gone mad’ although she strongly seems like it in stranger’s eyes. When she’s with people she knows (which is only Raj at the moment) she’s pretty normal. She still got an unhealthy fetish for blood and death, but you can have a normal conversation with her. She’s pretty stubborn and won’t change her mind unless you give her valid evidence that she’s in the wrong. She likes to have fun in her own way. This mostly exists out of scaring others or killing others. She can be very protective to those she loves. She doesn’t care about others, but only about those who stand close to her. It’s hard to get to know her and she won’t let anyone get close to her unless you’ve really gained her trust. She doesn’t get mad easily, but when you do get her mad, you better run for your life.
Strong points:
Friendly if she feels like it
Weak points:

p e r c u l a r i t y
Taking life: Killa has the power to take out the living energy of a living body. She will take out the energy, leaving a dead body. The person will thus die. Killa can make it hurt or not. If she choice to let it hurt, then it does cost her more power. Draining the life out of an unconscious person costs less energy than draining it out of a person who can fight against the draining. She can also drain the life out of any living organism. Plants are the easiest to drain life from, then animals and last humans.
Date of death: With a touch of skin, Killa is able to see the date a person will die. With a bit of energy she can also see the way the person dies, but mostly it stays with the date since she’s not really interested in other people.

h i s t o r y
Killa was born and raised in Romania. She lived with her parents, two brothers and younger sister. She was a gypsy, just like the rest of her family and all of her friends. Her mother tried to raise her as a real woman, who would clean and take care of the family. Killa refused to do any of that. She cared about her family, but not enough to play household all day. She’d rather go out with her friends and get into trouble. Her parents eventually stopped trying and let her do what she wanted to do.

Together with the gang she caused much trouble for the residents. She didn’t really care about the residents. She only cared about her friends and family. She was afraid at first when she discovered her powers. It wasn’t the first time she hurt anyone, but it was the first she would take a life. The first time she killed someone with her power, was by accident. The resident had attacked her friends and she had lost the control over her emotions. It caused a great wave of power. She drained the life out of the resident with great pain to let the resident suffer even more. She lost conscious when she finished. Ever since then she enjoyed torturing others, but she also learned to control her emotions and to train her powers.

At the age of 18 she was married off to a friend. A last thing that her parents asked of her. She never really felt the need to bound to a person or to feel loved, but she didn’t refuse. It was the last thing she could do to make her parents somewhat happy. She didn’t really know the boy, Rajaion, but when they started living together, they begin to understand each other. She discovered that the boy wasn’t really looking for a serious relationship either. She learned to trust him and eventually didn’t mind sharing her life with him.

The next year, when they both turned 19, something happened that was bound to happen: the gang got arrested. Most of them went to prison. Luckily, Rajaion en Killa could escape with their powers. They had to leave their families forever and probably couldn’t ever return, but there was no other way. Besides, Killa was ready for some adventure. They first entered a loop in Romania, but after 10 years they travelled to Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland and now they’ve ended up here.

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Momma Burd

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Killa Kovic
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